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Alyce Named Leader in the G2 Winter 2020 Account-Based Execution Software Grid Report

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Alyce, the AI-powered gifting platform that’s redefining sales and marketing outreach, today announced its position in the Leader quadrant in G2’s Winter 2020 Grid Report for Account-Based Execution. Leaders are determined by their high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website martech news. As part of this Winter 2020 report, Alyce also scored highest in G2’s Relationship Index for the Account-Based Execution category (with a score of 9.59 out of 10), which is measured based on ease of doing business, likely to recommend, and quality of customer support martech.

Alyce also scored highest in the same Account-Based Execution category (9.21 out of 10) in G2’s Usability Index, ranking companies based on ease of administration, ease of use, and meeting other key requirements.

“Enterprise companies are turning to Alyce to transform their approach to growing their business, looking to create personal experiences and authentic connections that resonate with buyers and customers,” said Sean MacPherson, Head of Customer Success. “Alyce’s commitment to creating lasting and sustained relationships with our customers and helping them see success is resonating with the market and we are thrilled by G2’s recognition as a category leader. This is truly a testament to the dedication, spirit, and strength of our customer success team.”

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real users of the products,” said Michael Fauscette, Chief Research Officer at G2. “Technology buyers use the ranking on G2 to find the best software products based on the real-world voice of the user, accelerating their digital transformation projects and gaining competitive advantage.”

Alyce has received more than 125 G2 Crowd reviews. Review highlights include:

  • “Alyce is the best door opener – companies that I’ve been working for months, not responding whatsoever, finally answering me because it’s a unique AND personal way to reach someone.” ~Allison F.
  • “Creative and personalized way to engage prospects. Alyce’s is a great way to engage with prospects on a personal level. The AI will recommend gifts to send to prospects based on a variety of factors – all of which increase your chance of getting a response from them. Giving the option to exchange gifts or donate the value of the gift to charity is also an awesome aspect of Alyce – I am really a big fan of the charity donation.” ~William R.

Since its inception, Alyce has been focused on creating real personal experiences that help businesses grow with the only platform that gives sales, marketing, and customer teams the ability to create individual personal gifts at scale. Fully focusing on the recipient and customers’ interests, rather than sending everyone the same generic item, Alyce bridges the physical and digital marketing worlds to help companies create breakthrough connections engaging people on their own terms. Providing the power of choice, recipients can select the personal gift recommended, pick something else from the Alyce gift marketplace, or even choose to donate the value of a gift to a charity of their interest.

“We’ve had a huge year at Alyce with 1,200% growth, closing out the year with some of the largest enterprise brands, including 6Sense, Bandwidth, Citrix, Dialpad and ServiceNow selecting our platform, and more importantly, investing in our unique personal experience business approach to help them scale and grow more effectively,” said Greg Segall, founder, and CEO of Alyce. “And now being recognized by G2 is an amazing milestone honor and testament to our focus on making our customers incredibly successful, with them accomplishing tremendous ROI – leading to greater expansion, adoption, and utilization of the Alyce platform throughout their organizations.”

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