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Amazon PPC Company Offers Course on Advertising Strategies

Sponsored Profit offers a simple Amazon PPC strategy and software solution for FBA sellers. The company provides tools, training and a supportive community to help sellers manage Amazon ads confidently and profitably to build a thriving business.
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Sponsored Profit, an Amazon PPC strategy company, provides Amazon FBA sellers with everything needed to manage Sponsored Products campaigns quickly, confidently and profitably. Members will have access to tools, straightforward training and a supportive online community, all in one place for maximum convenience.

Learn more about Sponsored Profit’s Amazon PPC course by visiting: https://www.sponsoredprofit.com/.

Amazon PPC is pay-per-click advertising through Amazon Advertising, Amazon’s ad platform.  Pay-per-click means advertisers (aka sellers) pay a fee to Amazon each time a shopper clicks on their ads. Simply put, it’s a way of buying visits to product detail pages, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Amazon PPC is a must for FBA sellers for several reasons; however, the main two revolve around gaining visibility and ranking for their products.

Sponsored Products accounts for 88% of Amazon’s ad revenue. It’s still one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates and discoverability for products. Yet, most Amazon sellers are leaving a considerable amount of money on the table by failing to maximize sales with this lucrative advertising format. “Every seller should start with Sponsored Products and focus 100% of their ad budget on this ad type when you’re starting out. It is still the most powerful tool for driving discoverability on Amazon and accounts for 80% of PPC sales,” advises the senior spokesperson for Sponsored Profit.

Since Amazon Advertising is often an area where online sellers struggle, it has created a simple solution to this perplexing situation. “We believe Amazon Advertising should work for every business and that every seller should be able to use PPC to grow their bank balance, not drain it,” explains the company. “We provide a simple but solid process, so you know what to focus on to boost your bottom line and put money in your pocket.”

The company provides the option for a monthly as well as an annual membership. Members of the Sponsored Profit program will have access to:

  • Sponsored Products training
  • Regular updates to training
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Time-saving tools
  • Online community

Sponsored Profit members have seen a significant increase in profitability with the program. The company highlights an average rise in PPC sales of 344%, average growth in total sales of 369% and 91% of sellers who achieve target ACoS. The Amazon PPC software and course have been receiving rave reviews from members. Ally Johnson was happy to report, “Sponsored Profit cuts down my manual optimisation time by 90%! That’s 5-6 hours I get back every week! The best thing is, I can’t make a mistake when optimising, the tool crunches the data in seconds!”

For anyone interested in a sneak-peak of the Sponsored Profit system, the site offers a free video training that can help boost seller profitability right away with, “3 Easy Ways To Lower ACoS and Save Money on Amazon Ads.”

The company also features an extensive blog page with excellent articles covering a range of topics to help Amazon sellers gain a better understanding of the workings of Amazon PPC. The page covers valuable information, including:

  • The Best Amazon PPC Strategy For Beginners;
  • A Non-Jargon Guide to Amazon CPC And Other Key PPC Metrics;
  • A Guide to Amazon Sponsored Product Targeting Types;
  • The Most Powerful Amazon Negative Keyword Strategy;
  • How to Use Search Term Reports on Amazon to Improve Your PPC and many more.

The Amazon advertising strategies company stands behind a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. “If you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of your membership, send us an email, and we’ll refund you immediately,” states the company.

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