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Amazon Retail Leader etailz Adds New Features for AdManager

New AdManager features provide advertisers with more data-driven insights into their budgets, SEO and campaign strategies.
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etailz, Inc, the leading Amazon retailer that provides unparalleled marketing expertise and logistical support, today announced four additional features to AdManager, the company’s AI-powered self-service Amazon cost per click advertising software, that provides additional budget, SEO and campaign insights and optimization to Amazon advertisers.

Now more than ever, the Amazon marketplace is changing at a rapid pace. From sourcing to advertising, Amazon sellers must be responsive and adaptable to the current market dynamics. The new collection of AdManager features meets the growing marketing demands of advertising for third-party sellers and Amazon marketing agencies, providing added agility with new tools for budget, SEO and campaign optimization. By offloading the admin and budget planning, sellers save countless hours while driving full conversions, nurturing customer relationships and propelling a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) with AdManager’s automation.

“As Amazon Advertising becomes an increasingly lucrative opportunity, sellers need to be more aware of ad campaign impacts more than ever,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of etailz. “The needs of our customers are constantly evolving as Amazon’s marketplace adapts, and AdManager’s new features allow them to stay competitive in innovative ways.”

The new features to AdManager include:

Out of Budget Table: Gives AdManager users the ability to quickly view campaigns that are out of budget. The table gives insights into how often campaigns are out of budget and when they will be out of budget, then recommends an ideal budget.

Budget Optimization: Users now have the ability to create custom-set rules that will load balance daily budgets throughout the day, so long as the campaigns meet users’ KPIs. Users can create rule sets based on desired ACoS, conversion rates, CPC targets, and more. The optimization ensures campaigns are efficient and successfully hitting the daily quota.

Search Term Optimization: Users can now create a custom-set rule that mines for search terms associated with Auto Campaigns, and Broad and Phrase Match types. The optimization refines marketing targeting and gives advertisers more control over keyword performance.

4 Campaign Build: The 4 campaign build harnesses etailz’s proven campaign architecture and maximizes insights for sellers. When the option is selected during campaign creation, AdManager automatically creates three manual campaigns, each dedicated to a single match type (Broad, Phrase, Exact) and an Auto Campaign to generate new keywords. This architecture is proven to enhance performance, but it can be time consuming to create. Now, it can be implemented with ease. Ad Groups are created with only one product, enabling more targeted optimizations.

etailz is dedicated to providing the services and technology needed for modern brands to maximize growth across ecommerce marketplaces. AdManager enables brands to do so by amplifying their marketing results, improving brand protection and increasing profitability.

Starting today, AdManager users can leverage the new features, with no additional cost or subscription required.

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