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Ambition Introduces Coaching Cadences™

With 75% of revenue leaders focused on building sales coaching, training, and readiness programs this year, Fortune 500 executives agree that Coaching Cadences "solve high-level business problems"

Ambition, the leading sales coaching platform, today announced its newest solution for revenue teams, Coaching Cadences™. This easy-to-use, drag-and-drop program builder allows revenue leaders to create coaching and enablement programs that deliver measurable results at scale.

“The ability to automatically develop your sales managers and enhance the selling skills of your reps drives long-term business growth,” said Travis Truett, CEO at Ambition. “In unpredictable economic times, making your people more effective at their job is the difference between increasing win rates or staying stagnant.”

In a recent Ambition survey, 75% of CSOs reported that building and optimizing sales coaching, training, and readiness programs are a top priority this year. With companies like T-Mobile, Waste Management, and Procore already carrying out initiatives like this using Ambition, common use cases have surfaced.

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“New employee onboarding is what I set out to define, design, and deploy with Coaching Cadences,” said Adam Thompson, Senior Program Manager at T-Mobile. “We’re using Ambition to solve high-level business problems.”

Directors, managers, and enablement leaders like Thompson can enroll reps who need an extra layer of coaching—beyond the 1:1 or call review—at the click of a button. Cadences are flexible and can be built to serve the manager’s purpose, such as pipeline improvement, intro to negotiation, or objection handling. Robust reporting is also included with the system and allows leaders to evaluate program effectiveness, program completion rates, or strategy adoption rates making it a first-of-its-kind sales enablement solution.

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According to a study by Gartner, 83% of sellers today experience drag—demotivation away from work. “In that study, Gartner mentioned that two of the four key sources of drag are lack of development opportunities and vague, unactionable manager feedback,” said Mary Foster, VP of Marketing and Demand at Ambition. “Coaching Cadences is a tool that re-engages sellers and helps them not feel like a cog in the machine.”

Over the last year of product development, Ambition’s singular focus of giving frontline sales managers a way to facilitate customized 360-degree coaching to help their teams hit goals never changed. When looking at the sales tech landscape, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and sales forecasting are saturated categories—while sales readiness and personalized development is emerging.

“With Coaching Cadences, we’re inspired to help define what sales readiness means,” said Butler Raines, VP of Product and Engineering at Ambition. “We believe that a structured approach to sales coaching will transform organizations and the new generation of sellers.”

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