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Ampersand Enhances Local TV Capabilities in the AND Platform

Company transforming local linear TV for insights, activation, and campaign measurement with Total TV approach
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Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales and technology company, announced today the release of its next-generation suite of local TV tools within the AND Platform. The AND Platform is the first data-driven buy-side TV platform to centralize campaign planning, activation, and campaign measurement within a single interface, supporting local TV investment strategies. Fueled by aggregated data from set-top box viewership insights from nearly 42 million households, and with a commitment to protecting personal information, the Platform drives improved audience-based, multi-screen campaign performance across the largest source of TV viewing within Ampersand’s footprint. AND, a multiscreen TV planning, buying and campaign measurement platform, launched at the beginning of 2020.

“Ampersand’s mission is to transform the TV industry by reinventing the data and technology infrastructure to facilitate brands’ ability to truly optimize their TV investments,” said Gerrit Niemeijer, Ampersand Chief Technology Officer. “The local TV sector remains a critical component of the multiscreen TV ecosystem and constructing the highest-caliber data technology infrastructure will act as a force multiplier in local TV’s adoption of audience first planning, buying and campaign measurement.”

The augmented suite includes Local Broadcast and Cable insights, Audience Builder, and RFP and Ordering workflow. Through the combination of these three capabilities, the AND Platform is transforming the local linear TV business by offering a single, unified, Total TV platform for insights, activation, and campaign measurement. For the first time, linear TV is adapting the precision of digital advertising investment at scale within premium inventory. Similar to digital, brands and agencies can now build their own audiences in AND’s Audience Builder tool and apply them to their local linear campaigns. These audiences can include aggregated first-party data, third-party data, and/or deterministic viewership data insights. Brands and agencies can then create the most efficient and effective buys possible by understanding which networks and dayparts will deliver against their target audiences. Brands and agencies can activate audience-driven local linear campaigns against these insights by utilizing the RFP and Ordering workflow via the self-service functionality in the AND Platform. Furthermore, they can receive meaningful campaign measurement and reporting for future optimization.

Local broadcast and cable insights makes it possible for brand marketers in the key verticals of automotive and political to use aggregated set-top-box data insights at scale to easily assess their local broadcast and cable performance against granular audiences. This allows them to understand the relative value of their local TV allocations and to better optimize reach and frequency. This analysis is delivered via the AND Platform. AND accounts for the single largest source of TV inventory in the industry, encompassing linear, addressable and streaming TV. The AND Platform provides marketers with reach across 80 million households across all cable networks.

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