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Anonos Keynote Speech on Lawful Data Monetization in the GDPR Era

CEO presents at the largest and most prestigious meeting of the IT environment in Poland with the Polish banking sector.
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Anonos, the data enablement and privacy rights management technology platform provider, announced today on behalf of strategic technology partners, Hitachi Europe & Hitachi Vantara, that Gary LaFever will speak on ethical data monetization in the GDPR era at IT@BANK 2019 – the largest and most prestigious meeting of the IT environment in Poland with the Polish banking sector.

Each year, the IT@BANK conference attracts over 600 attendees, including IT experts from banks and insurance companies, representatives of the world of science and banking infrastructure companies. This year, IT@BANK 2019 focuses on how modern financial institutions must operate in a dynamic environment where the source of competitive advantage is increasingly the use of new technologies to determine how to translate the changeability of the environment and operating conditions from risk into an advantage.

“Enforcement actions by Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) are evidence it has adopted a strict approach to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and takes compliance very seriously,” said Gary LaFever, Chief Executive Officer of Anonos. “My speech will cover how within this environment banks can ethically process, share and combine data to support lawful analytics, AI and ML that preserves 100% of data accuracy to advance their innovation initiatives in compliance with the GDPR.”

Mr. LaFever’s keynote presentation at IT@BANK 2019 will cover:

  • Lawful Monetization of bank data in the era of regulation.
  • Transformation of the bank into a data-based enterprise.
  • Capitalization of customer data to generate new revenue streams while protecting   fundamental privacy rights.
  • Control of data processing in the context of the first penalties imposed by UODO.
  • Using data pseudonymisation to monetize data while maintaining privacy.

All other data privacy technologies on the market today, such as differential privacy for anonymity, employed by Apple and Google, and homomorphic data encryption, used by IBM, are point solutions that protect elements of consumer privacy but degrade data accuracy and value in the process. In contrast, Hitachi’s Digital Privacy offering leveraging Anonos Privacy Rights Management technology preserves 100% of data accuracy necessary for value-enhancing processes such as analytics, AI, machine learning, and algorithms that serve businesses, consumers and society alike, while expanding opportunities to ethically share and combine data.

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