Marketing Analytics, Performance & Attribution introduces Marketing Analytics Platform for SMBs

Marketers can now converse with their data in natural language to get timely insights without needing any technical skills or resources debuts today with the first marketing analytics platform powered by generative AI and purpose-built for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Marketing teams can now talk to their data in natural language and get results instantly, all without needing any technical skills or resources. This competitively priced tool is specifically designed to serve the needs of marketers and can be fully operational in minutes, increasing speed-to-insight and accelerating decision-making.

Marketers are often forced to navigate complicated UIs or rely on technical teams to provide the data they need, which causes delays that can span days, weeks, and sometimes even months. Imagine the wasted time and opportunities.

Now imagine if you could talk to your data and get answers immediately. Anova is making that a reality, allowing marketing teams to converse with data in real-time, save queries for ongoing analysis, and create custom visualizations — just a few examples of how you can be truly self-sufficient and empowered by data with their platform.

“We’re really excited to unveil Anova and bring the power of generative AI to marketing analytics.” says Kunick Kapadia, co-founder and CEO at “My brother and I have been running a marketing agency specialized in analytics for nearly a decade, so when generative AI exploded onto the scene, we realized we could harness the power of this technology to solve a critical challenge marketing teams face every day, accessing their data on their terms.”

Anova is setting a new standard for marketing analytics with these distinguishing benefits:

  • Industry-Specific Focus
  • Easy to Use 
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Competitively Priced for SMBs

This is just the beginning for Anova, as their plans expand beyond just natural language querying.

“We’re excited about the impact AI will have on the landscape, which is why we’ve built Anova to be flexible and scalable.” says Neelam Kapadia, co-founder and CTO at “We see our platform revolutionizing the entire analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion to generating insights to predicting performance. We’re already working on some exciting features and can’t wait to put them in the hands of our users.”

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