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AnyRoad unveils FullView

With FullView, Brands Can Capture GDPR-Compliant Data from Every Guest In Attendance, Not Just the Person Making the Booking

AnyRoad, the leading platform for data-driven experiential marketing, today unveiled FullView, a first-of-its-kind solution that enables brands to collect GDPR-compliant, first-party data and feedback from every guest that attends an experiential activation or event, not just the primary booker.

AnyRoad recently analyzed over 2.5 million experiential data points from its customer base, which consists of hundreds of brands delivering more than 200,000 in-person experiences every month, and found that, on average, there are just over three guests per booking. However, brands often only capture data on just one of those guests – the one who made the reservation – meaning that the remaining 66 percent of attendee data goes uncollected.

FullView solves that problem by enabling brands to collect first-party data, feedback, and opt-ins for all guests. It streamlines the capture of guest information, allowing the primary booker to fill out data on additional guests at booking and share the booking directly with those guests, on their favorite device, to add in further details and opt into communications. With this increased visibility, brands can create meaningful relationships with every customer to build a broader base of fans, fully leverage the event or experience investment, and increase customer LTV and loyalty. Benefits include:

  • Meet Specific Brand Needs with Easy, Customizable Configuration: FullView is brand-level configurable, allowing brands to customize the way they connect with their guests and better align guest inputs with specific KPIs. Configurations include name, email, birthdate, pre-event NPS, survey questions, opt-ins, and more.
  • Expand Marketing Reach with First-Party Data: With GDPR-compliant data captured for every guest at booking, brands are able to instantly grow their marketing reach and leverage the positive brand impact that guests receive as soon as they walk out the door.
  • Increase Experiential ROI: As a part of AnyRoad Experience Manager, and combined with the power of AnyRoad Atlas, FullView enables brands to see complete data on all guests and accurately report results, optimize their experiences, and deliver significant impact backed by intelligent data.
  • Unlock the Full Impact of Each Experience: FullView gives brands access to rich customer experience data from their customers, which can be used to maximize the impact of experiences on customer lifetime value and loyalty.

“Whether they’re at a brewery tour, an experiential marketing activation or an in-store class, guests of primary bookers are leaving experiences every day with a smile on their face and brands have no idea who they are. This is a huge missed opportunity. Brands are losing track of leads, brand advocates, and potential customers,” said Jonathan Yaffe, co-founder and CEO of AnyRoad. “With FullView, brands can now dramatically increase their first-party data and marketing opt-ins to build direct, lasting relationships with every guest – and ultimately increase their experiential ROI.”

To stop leaving valuable customer data on the table and start capturing the full potential of experiential, learn more about FullView at

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