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API Integration for Better Customer Experiences

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With the increase in the need of contextual customer experience, the callout for seamless API Integration has also increased, find out why?

The speed at which consumers have adopted mobile digital platforms is testimony to how highly they prioritize the convenience of mobile apps. But just like the emergence of supermarkets made shopping easier by bringing different types of grocery produce, clothing, hardware, and more under one single roof, similarly apps are performing various tasks by listing various offerings and enhancing customer experience digitally. Let’s check out why customer experience has become more important in today’s digital world.

Why Does Customer Experience Play a Crucial Role Currently?

In today’s uncertain climate, customer experience (CX) and customer service are becoming two very hot trends in the world of marketing.

Every year we see Customer Experience (CX) playing a crucial role in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. But why is this trend not only continuing but becoming one of the most critical strategies for today’s businesses?

Is it because buyers, consumers as well as businesses, are empowered to purchase from companies that provide them with an experience that is effortless, personable, and enjoyable? Creating these types of experiences helps to make sure that your customers will continue doing business with you in the future, spending more money with you, and becoming an advocate for your business.

Customer experience or CX is basically how customers perceive their interactions with your brand. A successful strategy should be useful, usable, and enjoyable from the point of view of customers.

Since word of mouth travels faster, Convince and Convert had predicted that by 2020, several purchasing decisions will be based on cx rather than price only. Moreover, as per the report, ‘Call Center Executive Priorities Report’, 68% of marketers invest their effort and time into cx.

Why Digitally Transforming Web and Customer Experiences is the need of the hour?

Reasons to Transform Your Company Digitally, Now!

Digital transformation has redefined economies across the globe by permitting businesses to innovate and develop creative solutions to solve real-life problems with the help of technology. In simple language, it is mainly about being proactive in incorporating technologies in business operations. Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, 3D printing, AI-based analytics, 360-degree videos, are impacting the way in which businesses interact with the customer.

Almost a couple of decades ago, we never thought businesses like Amazon would show up and change the way we shop. We never even imagined we could book a cab from our phones with pricing and time estimates. Companies like Amazon and Uber have shown how anything could be possible by utilizing digital technologies to the fullest.

We also know how well-established brands like Kodak and Nokia disappeared from their respective markets as they were unwilling to digitally transform, thus losing the business to the new players.

Today’s Customer Experience

Many companies that have already undergone digital transformation are beginning to accept the importance of speed, relevance, convenience, and consistency for improving customer experience, but content still baffles most. The role of content is no longer limited to attracting prospects, in fact, that is merely where it begins. From awareness to consideration to decision and final purchase, content creates the foundation on which the tower of experience is developed. Exceptional customer experience can result in escalated sales and strengthen customer loyalty. It’s what every brand strives for, a great CX requires a customer-centric mindset and a lot of careful work.

Ever-advancing technologies have made customers more perceptive and demanding, while at the same time rising pressure on companies to adapt to the changing customer behavior and demands. Now that customers interact with businesses through a myriad of touchpoints and multiple channels, customer experiences have become more social in nature. As a result, what was once considered a transactional activity, the buying journey, has evolved into a marketing-based customer experience.

How Contentful Enhances the Publishing Experience for Content Marketers?

There are many platforms that offer content marketers a great publishing experience but Martech Cube’s Pick of the Week is ‘Contentful’ because it is a content management platform that is powerful enough to create amazing digital experiences. To understand better, let’s have a look at some of the crucial and differentiating features of Contentful.

  • Content platform

Contentful’s content platform provides the central hub for building, editing, and managing content, and the tools to publish it on every digital channel. It’s API-first, fully extensible platform that also scales up for the most demanding digital experiences.

  • Structured content

Content and presentation are kept separate, making the content reusable on all digital channels. Structured content makes it easier for content developers to create, editors to edit and update many channels at once, and machines to automate changes.

  • Content hub

Non-technical content developers will love the intuitive user experience (UX) that unites all content in one place. Designers, marketers, creators, and editors can work simultaneously with developers. It’s an agile workflow that allows you to write once and publish everywhere.

  • Solutions blueprints

You don’t need to start from scratch. You can start drawing upon the years of experience that Contentful has in providing solutions to leading enterprises. They offer solution blueprints for a wide range of use cases, from creating a content model for agile ecommerce to structuring your knowledge base.


Today, customer experience has become one of the most crucial parts of marketing and sales, and API integration has proved to be a game-changer in delivering enhanced CX. Use platforms like Contentful to build and nurture relationships with customers to deliver long-lasting and awesome customer experience.

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