Aplazo Acquires Sensai Metrics


Aplazo, the first omnichannel buy now, pay later (BNPL) platform in Mexico, today announced that it has acquired Sensai Metrics (“Sensai”), a software platform that analyzes data using different data science algorithms and machine learning to help brands gain access to valuable customer insights.

The acquisition presents a significant market opportunity that will enable Aplazo to accelerate merchant growth and provide greater access to e-commerce products for consumers in Mexico. The combined company’s capabilities will ensure both consumers and merchants benefit from developments in infrastructure.

“The acquisition of Sensai underscores our complementary missions of helping merchants connect with consumers in a more purposeful way,” said Angel Peña, Co-Founder and CEO of Aplazo. “Together, we’ll be able to scale our offerings and bring even greater value by empowering merchants with the tools that will propel their businesses to new heights.”

Founded in 2019, Sensai offers retail brands a platform to make important, data-driven business decisions. Sensai integrates with retailers’ underlying commerce and marketing channels into a single platform that provides brands actionable insights, recommendations and predictions to help them reach target audiences more effectively, optimize budgets and scale revenue.

Sensai’s co-founders Salo Dabbah and Daniela Gorra will join Aplazo. Dabbah will assume the role of Head of Growth while Gorra will become a Product Manager.

The Aplazo-Sensai platform equips brands with a unified marketing tech stack that is designed to eliminate many of the drop-off points in commerce. It optimizes conversion at the purchase channel through:

  • Data Centralization: AI powered insights, real time data consolidation, projections, visualizations, all delivered in an easy-to-use interface;
  • Performance Measurement: Evaluate marketing performance and funnel analytics, detailed omnichannel data, demographic summaries, customer journeys;
  • Actions Hub: Recommendation engine to optimize performance based on analytics, build lists and execute marketing campaigns via email or SMS, launch personalized loyalty programs and targeted discounting.

“We are excited to work with Aplazo and rally around our shared objective of empowering businesses,” said Dabbah, Co-Founder and CEO of Sensai. “We look forward to helping Aplazo’s customers optimize their marketing efforts, budgets, audience definition and campaign execution through the Sensai platform.”

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