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Appdome announces the results of a new survey

92.8% of Israeli Consumers Will Promote a Brand if the Brand's Mobile App Protects Their Data and Use from On-Device Threats

Appdome, the mobile app economy’s one and only Cyber Defense Automation platform, today announced the results of a new survey that reveals the views of Israeli consumers on mobile app use and mobile app security, and compares the Israeli expectations to the findings from more than 25,000 consumers globally. The report, Israeli Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security, is designed to help mobile developers, cyber security professionals and brands adapt their mobile app security and anti-fraud strategies to meet the expectations of Israeli consumers for protection in the mobile channel.

Israeli consumers are a mobile app dominant consumer group. Israelis use far more apps on a daily basis than global consumers. For example, approximately 45% more Israelis use greater than 10 mobiles apps a day. Also, 94% of Israeli consumers reporting they are comfortable making purchases for their friends, family and themselves using mobile apps.

For Israelis, security is equal to, or more important, than new features.

Most Israeli consumers ranked features and security equally (58.8%). And a large portion (20%) said that security was more important than features. Comparatively, 7.6% said that features were more than security. When asked what level of protection is needed in mobile apps, 20.2% of Israeli consumers demand the highest level of protection against on-device security, hacking, fraud and malware threats, compared to 3.2% who require no protection.

For Israelis the rewards are greater than the risks for meeting the consumer’s cyber demands.

Israeli consumers made it clear that they will reward and promote brands who protect their mobile app data and use, more than they will punish brands that they perceive as not protecting the mobile apps.

  • 92.8% would promote a brand if the mobile app protected their data and use, which essentially matches the global finding of 93.8%.
  • 56.6% would abandon a brand if they perceived that the mobile app did not protect against on-device threats, compared to 67.9% globally.
  • 68.6% would abandon a brand if they experienced an unprotected hack or attack from an on-device threat, compared to 73.2% globally.

“The Israeli consumer has made it clear that the highest level of protection is expected in every app they use,” said Tom Tovar, CEO and co-creator of Appdome. “With this survey, mobile brands serving the Israeli market have the data needed to make the right choice and protect their mobile apps and users as their consumers expect, today and tomorrow.”

The survey included respondents from across the demographic spectrum, including Android & iOS users, different generations, genders, and economic backgrounds. For the full report, visit

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