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Apply Digital Introduces Accelerator for Quick Enterprise Integration

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Apply Digital, a leading digital transformation partner for global brands, today announced the launch of its Composable Accelerator For Enterprises (CAFE). This way of working and suite of tools are designed to enable clients to rapidly integrate composable elements with their new and/or existing systems.

Based on years of knowledge from over 300 composable projects successfully delivered, CAFE enables Apply Digital clients to modernize and scale their businesses in a low-risk, cost-effective way.

By working with technology partners including Contentful, commercetools, Amazon Web Services, and others, CAFE provides a flexible, customizable approach to composable tech. Clients are empowered to pick and choose the elements that best meet business objectives while laying a robust foundation for future growth.

“CAFE gives our clients the opportunity to go composable, modernize their digital experiences, and scale their business more efficiently and effectively,” said Dom Selvon, Chief Technology Officer at Apply Digital. “Whether a client wants to add modern Search, Commerce, Content, Loyalty, Payment, or other functionality to their systems, we use CAFE in tandem with our ‘connected thinking, connected results’ approach to help them quickly realize their vision and drive impact.”

To ensure that CAFE delivers compelling results and strong value for clients, Apply Digital worked closely with composable technology partners to expand the accelerator’s benefits. More partners will continue to be added to CAFE post-launch, creating further opportunities for companies that specialize in composable commerce.

“CAFE represents the best practices of how global brands can leverage the power of our leading composable commerce platform to create modern commerce experiences for their customers,” said Blaine Trainor, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances at commercetools. “CAFE’s proven approach also makes integration with other systems in the composable tech universe simple and fast, ultimately enabling businesses to harness the benefits of composable commerce quicker.”

Beyond eCommerce functionality, CAFE facilitates the deployment of robust content projects via the award-winning content management system Contentful.

“The CAFE accelerator distills all the best practices Apply Digital has developed over the years using Contentful’s leading composable content platform,” said Patrick Finn, VP of Global Channels and Alliances at Contentful. “By leveraging this deep expertise, customers can evolve and scale their projects with unprecedented speed and confidence.” Businesses interested in learning more about how to rapidly integrate composable tech with CAFE can visit our information page.

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