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AppSwarm announces its New On-demand Ride Hailing Application


AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM) A collective of creative and technological minds focused on mobile application development, white-label solutions, cybersecurity solutions, blockchain technology, and digital marketing solutions announces its new on-demand ride hailing application Eber.

Eber, a ride hailing app that’s built to elevate your business.

Eber is the next generation of ridesharing platforms. It’s a completely on-demand service that is designed to provide a seamless and efficient platform for both drivers and passengers alike.

The Eber platform was built to solve the problems of today’s ride hailing apps, which have been plagued by long wait times, unreliable drivers, and confusing pricing structures. With Eber, you’ll never have to worry about driving back after being dropped off at the wrong location or paying extra fees because your driver wasn’t aware of your pickup spot. Our GPS-powered app means you’ll never be confused about where your car is or when it will arrive!

Eber has been designed to help businesses maximize their resources by providing them with a streamlined platform for connecting with customers in their area. We’re proud to say that we’ve created an environment where businesses can focus on what matters most—their core competencies—and let us handle the rest!

“We’re excited to announce our launch,” said AppSwarm CEO Christopher Bailey. “This is an opportunity for us to bring our revolutionary technology to more people and businesses, in the hopes of making them more successful in their communities while giving new business startups an edge over the competition.”

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