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Apptest.ai Proves Efficacy with Autonomous Mobile and Web Testing


Apptest.ai is pleased to announce their strengthened global sales partnership with LG U+, one of the largest mobile carriers in Korea. The two companies co-marketed at STARWEST 2022 to promote AI testing. Apptest.ai has been invited to present at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Apptest.ai provides a proprietary SaaS solution for mobile app testing that leverages state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language processing techniques to automatically test for errors without writing a single line of code. This solution allows app developers to minimize both time-to-market and costly errors.

To date, no other company has delivered a fully autonomous app testing solution with just a few clicks. The core of Apptest.ai is their cloud-based AI testbot, which allows controlled and randomized testing that is paired with deep learning analytics. With proven product/market fit with high tech companies, the company is expanding its business with carriers, media, fintech, and automotive industries.

Apptest.ai accelerates the development process by automatically executing tests on multiple devices, giving QA professionals, developers, and support professionals the ability to perform automated tests and manual tasks, including reproducing customer issues and exploratory testing. Apptest.ai eliminates the need to build device labs, lab managers, and automation infrastructure development.

“We’re excited to have built and launched best-in-class solutions that allow our partners LG U+, Hyundai Motor Group, NBC Universal, GS Caltex, Hyundai Card to directly exceed ongoing software quality and mobile (iOS & Android) / web UX expectations.” Stated Jae Jun Hwang, CEO of Apptest.ai. “Automating app error identification fundamentally enables the shift towards AI driven development models.”

While application quality is becoming increasingly important, it is simultaneously becoming more complex due to the number of device models, variations in firmware and OS versions, carrier and manufacturer customizations, and dependencies on remote services and other apps. Apptest.ai is proving its B2B partnership success with a turnkey, no code QA/QC automation, enabling companies to identify app errors.

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