Appy Pie Chatbot Now Allowing Businesses to Create Chatbots


Appy Pie Chatbot, a no-code chatbot builder, is now allowing businesses to build and deploy chatbots for a variety of applications. With Appy Pie Chatbot, businesses can create a chatbot for customer support, lead generation, surveys, marketing, booking, promotion, human resources, and more. Building a chatbot with Appy Pie’s chatbot builder is simple and does not require any coding.

The platform features a library of pre-built chatbot templates, a drag-and-drop interface, analytics tools, and natural language processing, and it enables users to integrate chatbots with popular third-party apps and services. The chatbot builder also allows businesses to add their own branding to the chatbot. Appy Pie’s chatbot builder is a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes who want to create a chatbot without hiring a developer.

“Leveraging the power of Appy Pie’s chatbot builder, businesses across the industries are being more proactive and strategic with time and resource investments. Their customers are getting faster responses, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and more conversions,” says Abhinav Girdhar, Founder and CEO of Appy Pie. “Our chat builder allows you to build bots that understand your customers’ intent, allowing you to interact with them more personally and improve customer satisfaction” he added.

The chatbot is one of the most rapidly evolving technologies with huge potential in the market. Sales and marketing teams are using chatbots to engage with leads and customers in a more personal way and provide them with the information they need to make decisions. Appy Pie Chatbot builder is committed to providing businesses with cost-effective solutions that help them improve customer satisfaction.

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