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Aqfer announces integration with 5×5 Data Co-Op

5x5's data ecosystem delivers immediate boosts in resolution rates and precision

Aqfer, the Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service (MDPaaS), announces an OEM integration with 5×5 Data Co-Op. This partnership allows Aqfer clients seamless access to the expansive 5×5 data ecosystem.

5×5 Data Co-Op helps client members eliminate the chaos of data sourcing across myriad platforms including DSPs, CDPs, Marketing Automation Platforms, and more. Leveraging the network effect of industry-wide data collection, 5×5 takes the lead in ensuring the most accurate identity associations, effectively eradicating inaccuracies stemming from incorrect registration data or email forwarding. This collaboration sets a new standard for data accuracy and empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data-driven initiatives.

Aqfer clients will benefit from this integration with improved identity match rates, better accuracy of data associations, and removal of mismatched person-to-device associations. The 5×5 Data Co-Op integration will also enable clients to enrich their data with matches for B2B, B2C, and firmographic data. Additionally, they can improve their digital signal matches between hashed email addresses or IP addresses to mobile advertising IDs.

“We consider Aqfer to be the leading tag infrastructure provider, offering unparalleled control and compliance across the globe,” said Nick Weldon, 5×5 Data Co-Op Co-Founder and CEO. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to increasing the resolution and reach within Aqfer client’s platforms, ensuring success in the years to come.”

“With this partnership, 5×5 Data Co-Op will enable clients to bridge identities with other co-op members to broaden their audiences or enhance their customer information,” said Sandro Camarao, VP of Partnerships and CX Engineering at Aqfer. “We believe that their unique co-operative model will aid our clients to find new ways to enrich their data without becoming trapped by some of the cost-prohibitive providers.”

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