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Artlist Revolutionizes Video Creation with AI Voiceover Feature

Artlist becomes first creative asset platform to offer an in-product AI voice generator, unveiling an exclusive voice catalog

Artlist, a creative technology company that provides a vast catalog of royalty-free digital assets to empower brands and content creators worldwide, today announced its latest offering — an in-product AI voiceover generator for video creators. This groundbreaking feature marks a new era in content creation and another significant step in Artlist’s mission to empower brands and creators with everything they need to create videos in one place. The AI voiceover generator feature will be released gradually over the next few days, check it out on It is included in the Artlist Max plan, offering even more value for the same price, and as a stand-alone plan.

Artlist’s AI voice generator feature seamlessly integrates into existing workflows alongside Artlist’s music, sound effects, footage, and template offering. By eliminating the need for external voiceover services, brands and creators can save valuable time and resources, accelerating content creation and unlocking new storytelling possibilities.

We’re excited to introduce the AI voiceover generator to our platform,” says Itzik Elbaz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Artlist. “This new feature will enhance the ability of brands and creators to craft immersive narratives and bring their visions to life with unmatched clarity and emotion. Whether you’re a high-end production company, an in-house creative team, or an emerging content creator, Artlist provides the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive creator economy all in one place.”

Artlist’s voiceover feature represents a significant breakthrough in content creation, providing creators with unparalleled access to a unique, high-quality voice catalog crafted by top-tier artists. Creators can now enrich their videos with professional-grade narrations, elevating the quality of their content and captivating audiences like never before with an array of exclusive voices at their fingertips.

We developed a catalog of exclusive voices with a goal of democratizing access to high-quality narrations, to enable brands and creators to enhance their videos with professional-grade voiceovers,” said Roee Peled, Chief Product Officer of Artlist. “By leveraging advanced AI and speech synthesis technologies, we can make it easier and more cost-effective for brands and creators to produce engaging voiceovers at scale.”

AI voiceover technology is rapidly transforming, offering increased efficiency, cost savings, and creative flexibility for content creators. This surge in popularity has led businesses and creators to recognize its potential to improve engagement and convey messages effectively. From promotional videos to tutorials and beyond, AI voiceover generator offers an efficient solution for capturing audience attention and driving results.

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