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ASAPP unveils GenerativeAgent™


ASAPP, the generative AI company for contact centers, today unveiled GenerativeAgent, a generative AI product designed to automate more than 90% of contact center interactions. GenerativeAgent can handle complex, free-form interactions that weren’t automatable with prior technology. Furthermore, it unleashes a new era of productivity by allowing agent concurrency for voice interactions—introducing a new paradigm for contact centers.

GenerativeAgent is the latest in ASAPP’s suite of generative AI customer experience (CX) products, including AutoSummary, AutoTranscribe, AutoCompose, and the ASAPP Messaging platform. Fortune 500 organizations including four of the top five cable providers, 50% of the leading wireless companies, two of the four largest airlines, and leading enterprises across banking, insurance, retail, and technology, use ASAPP’s state-of-the-art products and technology.

“This product isn’t just groundbreaking—it’s revolutionary, redefining what we thought was possible in what is likely the largest automation opportunity in the world today,” said Gustavo Sapoznik, ASAPP’s Founder and CEO.

GenerativeAgent is a fully autonomous system that automates interactions currently assigned to human agents. This results in a radically improved customer experience across all interaction channels. ASAPP’s decade-long AI research and creation of state-of-the-art products has culminated in the breakthrough that is GenerativeAgent:

  • Fully generative: The system is grounded on the content of APIs and knowledge systems. No manual dialogue design is needed as GenerativeAgent autonomously interacts with an enterprise’s backend systems.
  • Active learning: This includes a human-in-the-loop interface for escalations, allowing GenerativeAgent to learn from agents’ actions when their involvement is required while enabling voice agent concurrency.
  • Safe and secure: It is grounded in your policies, procedures, and desired controls, satisfying the strictest enterprise security and compliance requirements.
  • Seamless implementation: GenerativeAgent integrates natively into existing interactive voice response (IVR), messaging, and telephony systems.

As part of the GenerativeAgent release, ASAPP is announcing an ecosystem of partners across system integration and technology to accelerate the market’s adoption of GenerativeAgent. GenerativeAgent is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ernst & Young (EY), PTP, and Infosys are strategic integration partners, while the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) providers are Genesys, AWS, Avaya, and Cisco.

Generative AI is helping companies become more productive, iterate faster, and drive more enhanced customer experiences,” said Rich Geraffo, Vice President and Managing Director, AWS North America. “ASAPP’s GenerativeAgent will provide support to agents at some of the world’s largest contact centers, leveraging the security and scale of AWS to deliver customer service that quickly solves customer pain points.”

“ASAPP’s GenerativeAgent is a great example of how generative AI automation is being leveraged to transform the way services are delivered to the market while also becoming the benchmark of how AI is enabling efficient and enriching consumer experiences,” said Jay Persaud, EY Global Emerging Technology Ecosystem Leader. “ASAPP’s focus on deploying generative AI responsibly contributes to EY’s shared vision where seamless people-AI collaboration builds public trust and confidence and achieves better outcomes.”

“ASAPP’s GenerativeAgent provides enterprises with an amazing opportunity to enable rich and highly contextualized customer experiences while reimagining contact centers and agent empowerment. We are delighted to partner with ASAPP, in assisting enterprises adopt this AI-first-experience approach to deliver cost-effective, customized, and richer customer interactions at scale,” said Andrew Duncan, CEO of Infosys Consulting.

ASAPP is on a mission to end bad customer service, and GenerativeAgent will finally allow its accomplishment:

  • Over the years, contact center technologies like IVR and chatbots have, by and large, failed. These rules-based systems require the complete conversation tree design upfront, making them rigid, brittle, and burdensome from an integration perspective. While they can automate some low complexity interactions, they often do so at the expense of customer experience.
  • Today’s consumer desires quick and efficient resolution over unnecessary human interaction. GenerativeAgent fulfills the consumer’s desire to fix problems fast and well.
  • Enterprises also leave money on the table with their poor CX: 73% of customers say CX is the No. 1 aspect they consider when deciding whether to purchase from a company. According to Forrester, customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are solved quickly. With contact center expenses at an all-time high, customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) are at a 17-year low.

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