Ascent360 Integrates with Ecommerce Leader BigCommerce

The power of combined solutions and data-driven marketing is now available in the BigCommerce app store to help create a more personalized customer experience
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Ascent360 announced today that their data-driven marketing platform will now be available in the BigCommerce App Marketplace. This integration will help retail and e-commerce companies leverage the power of their existing customer data and use it to identify unique customer segments, send personalized messages at scale, and measure marketing ROI. These combined solutions are the key to unlocking greater conversion and retention, increasing sales, and building long-term customer relationships.

With every retail or e-commerce transaction, critical customer data is being collected and stored but it lacks the comprehensive insights necessary for more personalized marketing. The Ascent360 platform provides a data hygiene engine that ingests that transactional data, cleanses it for a crystal-clear view of every customer, and allows marketing teams to create and automate highly personalized, omnichannel campaigns. Integrating BigCommerce with Ascent360 gives merchants the ability to segment customers based on their purchase behavior, demographics, how they’ve interacted with the company in the past, and more.

The traditional “batch and blast” marketing approach has left many merchants stuck providing generalized, manual, time-intensive customer outreach, which can have a negative impact on conversion, engagement, and retention. It can also make it much more difficult to measure marketing ROI and track campaign success. With the Ascent360 integration, companies have immediate access to a large library of ready-to-send campaigns such as post-purchase and cross-sell/upsell engagement. These campaigns can be customized for each unique segment and come with extensive out of the box reporting to measure marketing attribution. With a free trial of the Ascent360 platform, merchants can have actionable insights turned around in just 48 hours using their own customer data.

Scott Buelter, CEO at Ascent360, shared how critical it is for retailers to integrate their existing customer data with a powerful data-driven marketing platform. “Collecting transactional data is only the first step,” he said. “The combination of these two solutions takes it to the next level and allows you to identify exactly who your customers are, what they need, and engage with them in a way that keeps them coming back. How you actually use your data to send messages that matter creates a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.”

The Ascent360 integration provides BigCommerce users with the most sophisticated data-driven marketing platform available to SMB retailers. Customer data is ingested and segmented in a meaningful way in just 48 hours and companies can begin sending personalized 1:1 messages at scale right away. Easily access the Ascent360 integration in the BigCommerce App Marketplace by visiting

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