Ascent360 Integrates with Lightspeed to leverage E-commerce Data

Ascent360 is now available in the Lightspeed App Store, a Data-Driven Marketing Platform that provides actionable insights on existing customer data
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Ascent360 has recently announced an integration with Lightspeed in the app store that will bring point-of-sale and e-commerce data to life. The power of these combined solutions will allow retailers to ingest critical customer data, segment customers, and send personalized omnichannel messages that help engage and retain shoppers.

With each Lightspeed POS or e-commerce transaction, powerful data is collected that is not being fully leveraged and lacks actionable insights for marketing efforts. When combined with the unique suite of tools in the Ascent360 platform, the data companies are already collecting can be ingested and cleansed to create a clearer view of customer behavior. Companies can then utilize that information to segment customers and develop a highly personalized outreach approach, creating seamless omnichannel marketing and an unforgettable shopping experience.

All too often, the marketing process within a retail environment is manual, time-intensive, and lacks the personalization that resonates with different types of customers. This approach makes it challenging to keep customers engaged and returning while simultaneously making it difficult to track marketing attribution. The Ascent360 and Lightspeed integration helps alleviate these headaches by providing an extensive library of ready-to-send campaigns customizable by target segment as well as out of the box reporting capabilities to identify which campaigns are having the greatest impact on customer decision-making.

Scott Buelter, CEO at Ascent360, shared how critical this integration will be for retailers and how it will help take their data to a whole new level. “The power of combined solutions retailers will experience with this integration is incomparable,” he said. “The POS and e-commerce customer data already exists, but now companies will have access to a much more hyper-focused customer view that will allow them to unlock the power of customer data and deliver personalized 1:1 messages at scale.”

The Ascent 360 platform provides Lightspeed users with a simple one-click integration that will maximize the ability to use their customer data for significant business growth and customer retention. Starting today, companies can easily access the Ascent360 integration in the Lightspeed app store. For more information, visit

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