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ASIG releases groundbreaking AI capabilities in its Orbit App

Leading Global Social Company Introduces New Text-to-Image Features to Foster Genuine Human Connection

Asia Innovations Group Limited (“ASIG”), a Singapore-based company with a growing portfolio of popular social mobile apps, has introduced first-of-its-kind AI technology in its new app, Orbit. With a unique text-to-image feature in Orbit’s latest update, ASIG has unveiled new, cutting-edge capability to an already innovative app.

Orbit is a social discovery app that uses AI to facilitate making new friends. Helping users along the way is Obi, a GPT-4 powered assistant who breaks the ice by prompting newly connected users with games that help them get to know each other such as Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, and Trivia. Users can also chat directly with Obi, who can play text-based games, role-play as a user’s favorite TV or film character, or chat – providing users with a fun mix of options to explore their AI-powered experience.

Additionally, Orbit users can chat with people worldwide via live, 3D avatars. Unlike most social apps, which use images of users’ actual appearances, Orbit’s 3D avatars allow users to chat freely without worries about their physical appearance, thereby protecting their identity.

Last month, Orbit introduced another groundbreaking new feature. Orbit’s latest version allows users to create original AI art from their own words, using new text-to-image technology.. Orbit is the first social discovery app to use such technology, adding another feature that sets it apart in the highly competitive field of mobile social apps.

“Orbit is nothing short of groundbreaking,” said ASIG Chairman and CEO Ouyang Yun. “Every feature in this app is designed to bring an exciting, futuristic atmosphere to socializing online. Making friends can feel awkward, tedious, and sometimes even dangerous – especially online. With Orbit, we’re using AI to make meeting new friends easy, safe, and fun.”

With Orbit, ASIG has added another innovative app to its portfolio, which includes Uplive, the global live video platform, and the top-rated dating apps CuteU and Lamour. Across these platforms, ASIG continues to emerge as a leader in new technology and fostering human connection around the globe.

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