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ASPEED debuts HD AV over IP, panoramic conferencing at InfoComm 2024


ASPEED Technology, the world’s leading supplier of Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) SoC, will participate in InfoComm in Las Vegas, exhibiting a variety of AV-over-IP (AVoIP) series products. These include the AST1530+1535 and AST1630 high-definition video transmission control system SoCs, as well as the AST1532 USB2.0 over IP SoC. The exhibition will also feature the Cupola360 series of video conferencing products, including multi-camera stitching hardware for 360-degree and 180-degree panoramic views, as well as sound bar conferencing equipment. ASPEED Technology is actively integrating the technical advantages of its Cupola360 and AVoIP product lines to create comprehensive image processing and transmission solutions.

ASPEED Technology’s AVoIP SoCs use proprietary image compression algorithms to transmit via network cables or fiber optics, ensuring near-lossless image quality even over long distances with zero latency. The AST1530+1535 HDMI 2.0 AVoIP SoC is designed for high-end professional video and audio transmission applications, offering 4K2K60 high-definition resolution. It supports 1-to-1 AV image transmission control and can utilize existing IP network infrastructure to achieve multi-input to multi-output high-definition video matrix switching and multicast functionality. Additionally, the AST1532 USB 2.0 over IP SoC within the same ecosystem provides USBoIP functionality, supporting bulk and isochronous type USB devices like webcams, as well as Keyboard and Mouse over IP (KMoIP) with hotkey control.

Furthermore, ASPEED Technology will showcase its next-generation AST1630 AV-over-IP extender/splitter SoC, specifically designed for simple professional applications. The AST1630 provides up to 4K60 YUV444 resolution, supporting HDR10/10+, Dolby Vision, and HDCP2.2/2.3, and supports both copper and fiber transmission. It also supports USB 2.0 over IP, including bulk, interrupt, and isochronous types of USB devices such as webcams, audio devices, keyboards, mice, and storage devices, and complies with AES-256 encryption standards.

Since 2023, ASPEED Technology has been in a strategic alliance with Audinate, a leading provider of digital network audio technology, incorporating the Dante® AV-A software solution with the AST1530+1535 AVoIP SoC. This solution has been adopted by several international AV audio-visual giants. Besides its collaboration with Audinate, ASPEED Technology continues to actively expand its AVoIP ecosystem, helping customers reduce integration time and costs while enhancing product value.

In addition, ASPEED Technology has achieved significant success in 360-degree image processing technology and will also showcase the Cupola360 series panoramic video conferencing solutions at InfoComm. With the post-pandemic era encouraging employees to return to offices, the demand for real-time, high-quality video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms with multiple participants and remote clients is increasing. The market increasingly demands wide-angle, easy-to-operate, and high-quality multi-person video conferencing equipment, with higher performance and convenience requirements for sound and image quality.

ASPEED Technology’s Cupola360 multi-camera stitching image processing SoC panoramic video conferencing solution features several key technologies and characteristics. The SoC uses a proprietary multi-camera stitching algorithm to achieve seamless 360-degree panoramic images, providing a distortion-free wide-angle view. The built-in high-performance image processor can simultaneously and instantly process multiple high-resolution image sensors, ensuring image clarity and smoothness, providing the clearest images for participants. To meet video conferencing needs, the Cupola360 SoC optimizes low-latency real-time transmission technology, ensuring no lag during meetings and improving communication efficiency. Additionally, the SoC offers high adaptability and compatibility, functioning either as the main SoC for video conferencing equipment or in combination with other chip platforms, facilitating ODM and brand customization.

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