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AspireIQ Unlocks Influencer-Generated Content for Paid Social Advertising

AspireIQ's Brand Access Manager enables brands to deliver more authentic and effective paid social ads through influencer content
AspireIQ Unlocks Influencer-Generated Content for Paid Social Advertising

AspireIQ, the leading platform for producing original branded creative at scale, today released Brand Access Manager, the first solution to empower brands to seamlessly turn branded content into paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. With Brand Access Manager, brands can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) and lower cost per action (CPA) through more authentic, personalized original content.

For many brands, dedicating ad budget to influencer marketing campaigns has proven to be a powerful strategy to double down on the most effective influencer and creator partnerships and generate measurable results. However, brands lack the necessary workflow tools needed to adopt this strategy at scale. AspireIQ’s Brand Access Manager offers an automated solution for brands to leverage original influencer-generated content.

“AspireIQ’s Brand Access Manager offers a greater level of sophistication than what’s ever been possible in traditional influencer marketing,” said Dmitri Cherner, influencer & strategic partnerships manager at Ruggable. “The solution saves us a significant amount of time and effort running paid social ads, and has allowed us to focus on the quality of influencers’ content rather than simply their following. By utilizing Brand Access Manager, we have expanded our reach while simultaneously increasing our conversion rates.”

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to invest in tools to connect brands with consumers in highly personalized way, such as Instagram’s recently announced Branded Content Ads. Brand Access Manager is a complementary solution that builds on top of these features, giving brands more options for partnering with influencers and creators to leverage original content as part of their paid social effort.

“The way that brands engage with consumers has fundamentally changed. Increasingly companies are engaging their customers, fans and influencers to co-create their brands,” said Eric Lam, founder and CEO of AspireIQ. “At AspireIQ, we are empowering brands to tell authentic stories and engage with consumers in a meaningful way. Brand Access Manager unlocks the ability for brands to not only incorporate influencers as a powerful medium, but to amplify their voice to the right audience at the right time.”

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