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Atlan launched Tag Management


Atlan, the pioneering active metadata platform, has launched Tag Management, accelerating the shift of data governance to the left.

As the modern data stack continues to evolve, data teams are faced with the challenge of ensuring the right people have the right access to the right data. Data teams need to ensure that they can confidently identify sensitive data across their data stack and protect it with the right access controls, while serving trusted data to data consumers.

To solve this challenge for data teams, Atlan is launching Tag Management — a new way for data teams to manage data access across the modern data stack. Tags are important metadata that can be assigned to data assets to monitor sensitive data for compliance, discovery, and protection use cases.

“With the launch of Tag Management, Atlan enables bi-directional tag movement in and out of Atlan. This means data teams can start using Atlan as the control plane for tags, ensuring that data assets tagged in Atlan are tagged and protected everywhere in the data ecosystem,” said Srinivasa Raghavan, Director of Product Management at Atlan.

One of the first Snowflake data governance partners to enable two-way tag sync

With Tag Management for Snowflake, Atlan becomes one of the first Snowflake data governance partners to enable bi-directional tag movement. So, a tag assigned to a Snowflake object will reflect in Atlan and a tag assigned to an object in Atlan will reflect in Snowflake.

For data teams that have tag-based access control built into their Snowflake Data Cloud, Atlan can now become the control plane for access control management. Once a data producer tags a data asset in Atlan or Snowflake, data teams can rest assured that the data asset is protected across the data ecosystem.

This launch further strengthens the partnership between Atlan, the active metadata platform, and Snowflake, the Data Cloud platform, by helping joint customers reduce the complexity of identifying and protecting sensitive data.

“We are excited to offer Atlan’s modern data governance and active metadata capabilities to our customers,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “Atlan’s approach to data governance will help our joint customers get the most out of their data.”

“Tag Management levels up our best-in-class Snowflake integration, which already supports column-level lineage and native data discovery for Snowflake. We’re excited to build the future of data governance with Snowflake and usher customers into the data governance 3.0 era,” said Prukalpa Sankar, co-founder of Atlan.

Finally, Atlan and Snowflake’s joint customers, like Taxfix, are excited to reduce the complexity of identifying and protecting sensitive data.

“With Atlan’s Tag Management for Snowflake, our team will have one central home to manage tags,” commented Roi Levoso Fernadez, Data Engineering Manager at Taxfix. “Bi-directional tag sync between Atlan and Snowflake will empower our data producers to tag assets where they work and enable our platform team to manage tags and permissions seamlessly.”

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