Attain Announces First-to-Market Partnership with The Trade Desk

The exclusive retail partnership gives advertisers insight into over 5 billion transactions captured by Attain

Attain, a leading permissioned commerce data platform that drives measurable advertising outcomes, today announced its new platform partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD) to bring Attain’s unique portfolio of data-backed insights on consumer behavior exclusively to advertising clients of The Trade Desk.

The permissioned data is collected through Attain’s consumer-facing application, Klover, the name from which the company rebranded in 2022. Attain’s platform uses an omnichannel approach that has captured over five billion transactions, worth more than $400 billion in retail and GMV, to date. The partnership gives The Trade Desk customers unique access to Attain’s real-time performance data, allowing them to measure advertising outcomes such as return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversion rate (CVR) in real-time. Further, customers will have a 360-degree view of both on and offline transactions.

“Until recently, our platform has focused solely on providing brands and advertisers the ability to use our permissioned data for activation,” said Brian Mandelbaum, CEO and Co-founder of Attain. “Our work with The Trade Desk has expanded our capabilities and offers customers a comprehensive data platform focused on instant measurement of outcomes. Our ultimate goal is achieved by providing real-time outcome metrics across a wide landscape of commerce the moment a campaign launches to give marketers immediate performance feedback to optimize.”

“In today’s digital media environment, advertisers recognize applying data and decisioning is an essential part of their media-buying strategies,” said Jay Goebel, General Manager, Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “And for brands who sell their products through retailers, the ability to make data-driven decisions that leverage customer sales data from partners like Attain is important to reach the right consumers.”

Clients are looking forward to the incorporation of this partnership in their everyday work:

  • “One of the biggest needs for consumer marketers is attributing media investments to business results. This partnership gives us a powerful new tool for making this possible by integrating both the technology and the data. Brands will now have a new competitive advantage – regardless of vertical – by shortening the time horizon for unlocking insights to realizing business impact.” – Kristin Scheve, Chief Client Officer at Initiative US.
  • “Having access to Attain’s data within The Trade Desk platform is pivotal for our digital marketing needs. The abilities this partnership brings are unmatched in the space and will help us reach our measurement goals in real-time with much more clarity and detail.” – David Dweck, SVP of Paid Media at Wpromote.

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