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Attentive & Optimove Integrates Marketing Platforms

Customers can now orchestrate Attentive messages in conjunction with any 1:1 marketing channel available via Optimove, presenting customers with a fully aligned, personalized experience
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Attentive®, the personalized text messaging SaaS platform for innovative brands and organizations, today announced its integration with Optimove, the science-first relationship marketing hub, empowering customers to engage consumers using personalized text messaging alongside any 1:1 marketing channel while delivering a unified experience across them all.

This integration—which allows for the real-time transfer of email data collected via Attentive to Optimove—provides the ability to personalize customer experiences across all touchpoints, ensuring cross-channel communications remain aligned and on-brand.

“We are pleased to bring this integrated solution to the market with our partner Optimove,” said Allison Kelly, Head of Growth Strategy at Attentive. “There’s more to come—and we believe our mutual clients will be very excited about the investments we are making to personalize customer experiences across channels.’”

Attentive’s comprehensive text messaging solution is designed to help brands and organizations rapidly scale text messaging and email subscriber lists, enabling customers to grow their mobile subscriber audiences quickly and easily while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance. With its integration with Optimove, users can orchestrate, measure, and optimize highly personalized multichannel campaigns at scale, helping to drive exceptional customer experiences, retention, and lifetime value.

“Today’s customers expect brands to provide personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints,” said Yuval Shefler, Vice President of Partnerships at Optimove. “By combining Optimove’s multichannel orchestration engine with Attentive’s personalized text messaging platform, marketers can ensure each customer has the most positive experience while interacting with their brand, across all channels.”

Mutual customers, such as leading interior design retailer Lulu & Georgia, rely on Attentive to cut through the noise of digital marketing and turn modern consumers into satisfied customers.

“We’ve been really pleased with our performance with Attentive and are excited about the investments it’s making to advance its product via strategic integrations, “said Julia Metaxas, Director of Marketing at Lulu & Georgia.

Men and women’s clothing brand, Paul Stuart, also relies on Optimove and Attentive to deliver exceptional customer experiences across channels.

“Optimove continuously helps us deliver the most adequate message to each of our customers,” said Aslihan Danisman, Senior Marketing Director at Paul Stuart. “Seamlessly orchestrating cross-channel communications has been key to allowing us to provide our customers with outstanding experiences and personalization.”

With this integration, marketers can unlock the power of both platforms to engage customers on their channel of choice—personalized text message marketing—alongside other key 1:1 marketing channels.

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