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AUDIENCEX Launches aX Video Stream

aX Video Stream (AXVS) Enables In-Banner Video Ad Streaming; Building Upon the Platform’s Rapidly-Growing Technology Suite
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AUDIENCEX, the leading integrated platform built for omnichannel performance, today announced the launch of aX Video Stream (AXVS) an innovative video-streaming solution to drive improved performance for small and mid-market brands and independent agencies.

The effectiveness and demand of online video and video-based advertising have only continued to grow, with nearly 87% of marketers citing video directly impacting site traffic and 84% of consumers admitting they’ve been convinced to purchase a product or service from a brand’s video. However, for middle-market marketers, breaking into the video ad space is a costly endeavor, without which it can be difficult to compete with enterprise and legacy companies. To address this, AXVS significantly broadens audience targeting by leveraging in-banner video, activated within the AUDIENCEX programmatic platform, to enable brands to affordably push ads to audiences most likely to convert to sales.

“Our industry-leading technology solutions, such as AXVS, now enable mid-market brands and independent agencies to begin a meaningful conversation with their audiences – many for the first time – without the need to shout over their enterprise competitors,” said Jason Wulfsohn, CEO and Co-Founder at AUDIENCEX.

As a tech-first performance marketing company, AUDIENCEX is committed to bringing cutting-edge technology, such as AXVS, to challenger brands and agencies, empowering them to level the playing field and compete with enterprise-level competitors. AXVS innovative technology enables video to stream into standard display ad units with no weight limitations, minimal load times, and full HD quality that today’s consumers expect. Utilizing cutting-edge adaptive streaming, AXVS generates immediate views, and via instant loading ads are displayed as soon as the user has received the first data segments of the creative, creating minimal load times and a significantly improved user experience.

“Marketing has always been built upon a dynamic relationship between a brand and its customers, and video ads are today’s most effective way to open new doors and sustain dialogue that ultimately leads to conversion,” said Rob Figueroa, Vice President of Sales at AUDIENCEX. “However, video’s effectiveness is also commensurate with its costliness and lack of accessibility.”

Beyond the engagement benefits of video ads supplied through AXVS, AUDIENCEX’s latest tech innovation is paired with a flexible pricing model based on either a CPM or CPV model. This unique approach to buying display is expected to resonate with buyers of TV, CTV, Social, YouTube, and more. Utilizing adjustable pricing enables AUDIENCEX to bring true pay-for-performance products to mid-market and independent customers, empowering them to compete with enterprise and legacy advertisers.

AXVS is an innovative addition to AUDIENCEX’s suite of tech-powered capabilities and solutions. AUDIENCEX continues to develop disruptive technical solutions, such as streaming ad technology, to its fully integrated platform built for true omnichannel performance, offering scalable, agile solutions across more than 24 DSPs, covering programmatic display, video, audio, native, CTV, search, social, and beyond. Now, AUDIENCEX clients will be able to stream high-quality video assets leveraging this powerful new technology across their omnichannel platform without being limited to video ad placements. For more information, please visit

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