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Audient Company Launches

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Audient Company, a consumer data mining and marketing company, has been launched effective May 1, 2020. “The mission of Audient Company is to help clients gain an unparalleled understanding of their existing customers and prospects by providing real-time, key insights into their consumer data,” stated CEO of Audient Company, Don Morris. Mr. Morris went on to state that “Given the currently difficult global health environment, new customer acquisition will be challenging moving forward. Audient Company was formed with the ultimate goal of helping our clients optimize and profit more from the existing customers, plain and simple.”

In order to do so, Audient Company will leverage its large consumer database consisting of hundreds of actionable data attributes and triggers, which will be utilized to build holistic consumer profiles within our clients’ customer pools. To start, we will be offering a complimentary affinity analysis of a client’s data sample, providing a taste of consumer insights and a range of possibilities, which can later be scaled across the client’s entire CRM. A client will be offered a multitude of product options, ranging from data enhancement and affinity/modeling analysis to build-outs and activation of custom new audiences that would mimic their top customer profiles.

“Our end goal is to help create better consumer messaging, more optimized campaign spends and most importantly, better ROI to help clients maintain and grow their brands in the challenging economic environment we are living in today,” commented Mr. Morris.

For more information on Audient company please contact us at 800-219-3849 or email, at: The company’s website can be found at

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