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Aurora Mobile Launches EngageLab


Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced that it has recently launched its overseas messaging service platform EngageLab (,  allowing developers to effectively and accurately reach global users.

Overseas expansion is becoming a substantial growth path for Chinese companies. After starting with offering products to enterprises overseas, an increasing number of Chinese companies are now providing a widening range of products to global consumers including cross-border e-commerce, gaming, online social, cloud computing, new energy vehicles and financial services. And their offerings have extended from products to services and solutions across the whole supply chain. In order to facilitate the overseas expansion of Chinese companies, Aurora Mobile launched EngageLab, helping Chinese companies carry out refined and accurate user reach and engagement with low cost, high message delivery rates and conversion rates.

EngageLab is committed to offering omnichannel messaging solutions to global enterprises and developers. At present, EngageLab provides five major services including AppPush, WebPush, Email Service, SMS Service and WhatsApp Business API, and is exploring additional messaging channels in overseas markets.

AppPush provides push notification services to apps. It uses one SDK to integrate various channels including JPush channels, APNs (Apple Push Notification service), FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) and the system-level push messaging channels of various mobile brands. Developers can complete the SDK integration process within just 3 minutes and carry out intelligent push messaging with high delivery rates.

WebPush offers push notification services to websites. Without going through apps, enterprises can push marketing messages and service notifications to website subscribers at any time to increase user engagement and conversion.

Email Service provides enterprises with high-efficiency and stable international email services. With real-time accurate feedback data reports, EngageLab’s email system helps customers optimize messaging strategies and improve delivery rates in a timely manner.

SMS Service enables fast and stable SMS messaging to global users. It fits various service scenarios, including One-Time Password (OTP), and marketing and operational purpose messaging. With high-quality channels, EngageLab’s SMS system can deliver messages within 5 seconds with a 99% delivery rate.

WhatsApp Business API features visual interface and easy integration. As an authorized WhatsApp service provider, EngageLab uses the WhatsApp Business API to help enterprises build close connections with more than two billion global users on WhatsApp.

Building on its proven product and service experience in China, Aurora Mobile made a global upgrade to its overseas messaging services and launched EngageLab fully catering to the demands of Chinese companies and global developers. This gives EngageLab distinctive advantages over other service providers such as:

High delivery rates
The message delivery rate is crucial to effective user reach. Thanks to its integrated email, AppPush, WebPush and SMS channels, EngageLab has been proved with high delivery rates since its launch.

Value for money services
The cost of messaging services may place serious constraints on the execution of operational plans. EngageLab provides tailored prices for different messaging channels that offer clients greater value for money. For example, Email Service uses tiered pricing for international emails based on the volume of emails, which can reduce cost by 10% to 30% on average.

Multiple messaging channels
As different countries and regions have different popular social apps, EngageLab continues to integrate major messaging channels, such as Apple Messenger, Instagram Messaging, Facebook Messenger, etc., helping enterprises with broad, fast, and efficient user reach.

Aurora Mobile started life as a domestic service provider and is now serving global developers. Instead of simply duplicating domestic products, EngageLab has been developed as a new messaging service platform adapted to overseas developers leveraging in-depth research and experience to serve numerous overseas customers, Going forward, Aurora Mobile will continue to improve its products and services to help global developers with high-efficiency and cost-effective user reach.

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