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Autobound’s AI Product Makes Writing Personalized Sales Emails Easy


Autobound.ai, an up-and-coming leader in sales engagement and generative AI, just announced two powerful new features, Full Email and Autobound Anywhere. This new functionality was built to empower B2B sales teams to more easily spark conversations with prospective customers. You can sign up for free on Autobound’s website.

In B2B sales development, success is determined by one’s ability to be personalized, relevant, and efficient in their outreach. This means being able to quickly find relevant buyer information, and knowing how to thread that research into a compelling email that links to prospective buyer’s pain points.

The problem? This process is difficult to learn (especially for teams selling a complex offering), and incredibly time consuming.

“A good salesperson will spend 10 minutes or more writing a single personalized email. Odds are, they still won’t get a response. It’s a numbers game – Autobound is helping them play smarter and faster by automating the hardest parts of research and writing” says Autobound CEO Daniel Wiener, who began his career on Oracle’s sales team.

Autobound uses AI to generate personalized sales emails based on news events, shared experiences, personas, competitors, social media, hiring trends, and more.

“No one picks up the phone anymore. Good salespeople are the ones who know how to send good emails. Problem is, that’s easier said than done. We’re giving sellers the superpower of generating amazing email instantly using Autobound’s AI” exclaims Wiener.

Sellers at 200+ companies including Cisco, Outreach, 6sense, Charthop, and GoLinks have already started using Autobound’s new features.

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