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Automation Anywhere integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service


Automation Anywhere, a leader in AI-powered automation, expanded its collaboration with Microsoft through the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service within Automation Anywhere’s new AI + Automation Enterprise System, to help enterprises automate complex end-to-end processes across enterprise applications using AI Agents.

This announcement expands the existing integration of Automation Anywhere’s enterprise automation platform with Azure AI Document Intelligence. With its new AI Studio solution, customers can build AI Agents for any complex enterprise automation use case on GenAI models from Azure OpenAI Service. Automation Anywhere already embeds Azure AI Document Intelligence as part of its own Document Automation solution for processing standard forms. With Automation Anywhere’s Document Automation enhancements, customers can use Azure Open AI Service as their underlying foundational model provider, enabling the processing of unstructured documents.

“Automation Anywhere’s integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI will deepen the leverage of AI-enabled complex automation solutions while extending the beneficial impact to new areas of the organization,” said Steve McNamara, VP of Automation Engineering at R1RCM. “Leveraging the ability to rapidly create automation solutions that take advantage of LLM-based data mining, and generative AI responses will create distinctive advantages in the healthcare sector. R1 is heavily invested in Microsoft Azure and Automation Anywhere. This new partnership will play a significant role in our future automation strategy.”

“The integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Automation Anywhere will enable a wide range of solutions, enhancing efficiency, agility, and scalability in AI-driven automation across diverse business processes and use cases.,” said Vitor Paulo Correia, Head of Hyperautomation Center of Excellence, Eletrobras. “The ability for organizations to create AI Agents and agentic workflows is a smart approach to improve how we work.”

“The combination of Azure OpenAI Service and our new AI Studio will enable organizations to automate what was never possible before,” said Adi Kuruganti, Chief Product Officer, Automation Anywhere. “This initiative with Microsoft is a continuation of our long-running collaboration in AI. We wanted to partner with the leading AI platform to maximize impact for our joint customers.”

“With Automation Anywhere’s new Automation + AI Enterprise System, enterprise customers can rapidly build and deploy AI-powered process automations combined with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service in a secure way for large enterprises across key functions including customer service operations, finance, IT and HR,” said Marco Casalaina, Vice President of Products, Azure AI.

These new integrations are expected to be available in the second quarter, with expanded model selection from Azure OpenAI Service available in the third quarter.

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