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Automation Anywhere’s AI Enterprise System Boosts Business Impact

2nd Generation GenAI Process Models and New AI Studio Enable Democratized AI Agent Creation, Rapid Automation Development and 3x Faster Time to Value

Automation Anywhere, a leader in AI-powered automation, announced its new AI + Automation Enterprise System that puts AI to work with automation to drive exponential outcomes. Unveiled during Imagine 2024, the company’s new offering is infused with its second-generation GenAI Process Models to speed up discovery, development and deployment of AI process automations. The company also launched new AI Agents to manage complex cognitive tasks and automate more than ever before possible across every system in an enterprise. These solutions will help organizations achieve dramatic efficiency improvements, driving process tasks that formerly took hours down to minutes, and delivering 3x time to value and up to 10x business impact across business workflows that include customer service operations, finance, IT and HR.

“Every enterprise today is facing the same inescapable growth and productivity mandate to work smarter, not harder — to be more productive, more efficient, and more innovative,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere. “Automation is the foundation that’s gotten us partway there. But AI Agent-powered automation is the breakthrough that will take us beyond — to automate the seemingly impossible, create a new operating model for business, and drive enterprise transformation with stunning results.”

From Basic Tasks to Rapid Cognitive Workflows with Enterprise AI Agents

A breakthrough new feature is the ability to build custom AI Agents with the new AI Agent Studio. AI Agents take automation to the next level with the ability to learn from enterprise data, make informed decisions, and take action responsibly across any enterprise system, speeding processes by up to 90 percent. AI Agent Studio features low-code tools, making it easy for developers of all skill levels to quickly create specialized AI Agents to help with their specific use cases – no data scientist required. These AI Agents combine AI and action to tackle more complex cognitive work, like identifying and automatically replacing a product in the case of a stock shortage. They are adaptive, capable of learning from complex enterprise data, and able to take swift action for quick resolution and higher ROI.

Enterprise AI Agent Highlights:

  • New AI Agent Studio, generally available, provides developers of all levels with low-code tools to easily build, manage, and govern custom AI Agents. Developers can start with the foundational model of choice, including models from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and more.
  • Developers also will be able to augment AI Agents with enterprise knowledge through a native Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) service, and Amazon Bedrock in October. Finally, developers will have built-in prompt testing to ensure outputs are relevant for any use case before putting AI Agents into action.
  • Enhanced Security & Governance equips AI Agents with built-in controls for the protection and monitoring of how AI and company data is being used to ensure security and compliance. New functionality includes monitoring and audit of agent and model performance, guardrails for consistent use, and human-validation and prompt testing to limit hallucinations and maximize quality of outputs. Future Data Masking will automatically redact sensitive data from any input getting processed by a model.

“AI Agent Studio has truly streamlined my workflow, boosted my productivity, and has been a game-changer,” said Khaled Mostafa, Intelligent Automation Services Delivery Manager, Magnoos Information Systems. “The ability to seamlessly switch between foundational models from leading vendors within a single platform has significantly enhanced my prompt engineering process. Governance is critical and the features are incredibly robust, offering detailed insights into all our interactions with these models which makes me much more comfortable including GenAI capabilities in my automations.”

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