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Award-winning lifestyle marketing firm, Cashmere launches Nice Sweater, a digital experiential division

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The award-winning shop and lifestyle marketing agency, Cashmere announces the launch of its new division of Digital experiences with the focus on creating experiences that are brand and technology-driven through remote conferencing and social media.

Nice Sweater is a cross-functional practice that connects the targeted audience to impactful talent and content, digital gathering, and more significantly to each other across the globe. Brands and entertainment companies have always considered Cashmere as their go-to agency whenever they have wanted to create and execute impactful digital campaigns to reach their audiences. These campaigns range from product launches to social good to political initiatives and many others.

The technology and digital world are ever-changing just like consumer habits, behaviors, and preferences. To ensure that it connects entities efficiently and impactfully, Nice Sweater will use its expertise in the domain of emerging technologies like TikTok, Zoom, YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live and Instagram Live among many other.it will utilize these platforms to connect brands, artists, social good, nonprofit entities, and entertainment through gaming, live-streaming, virtual conferences and more. The services of Nice Sweater include- inhouse strategy, remote production, influencer, social, and PR activities that will be executed by a curated team of experts specializing in the area to execute relevant solutions to the clients.

Gen Z in the current scenario is seeking and consuming content with the intention of doing so. So, it has become of utmost importance that brands dig deeper into the makeup of audiences and align their products accordingly.

This division was launched officially by supporting DoorDash in a series of virtual dinners which resulted in millions of meals to people who needed them. There is an upcoming event which is hosted by Jack in the Box and partnered with Snoop Dogg.

The events are out of the box and quite interesting, all the while adding to new ways of performing in the martech industry. To know more about such new solutions and creative agencies, follow the martech cube. The martech cube provides regular content with relevance to the martech industry from across the globe.

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