Azerion announces acquisitions totalling approximately €12 million


Azerion has announced the completion of several acquisitions for an aggregated consideration of approximately €12 million (cash and share consideration). The acquisitions include Vlyby Gmbh, a fast growing ad tech company focused on programmatic video advertising and self-service publisher solutions, as well as a number of asset deals consisting of full monetization solutions for digital publishers in Italy (TakeRate) and France. These acquisitions generated approximately €14 million revenue in 2021.

Atilla Aytekin, co-CEO of Azerion, commented: “Our M&A pipeline remains strong, as demonstrated through this latest round of acquisitions. With every new integration we are delighted to see the Azerion platform growing ever stronger and improving the way we are able to satisfy the needs of our customers and partners. We will continue working actively and selectively on strategic M&A opportunities to complement our organic growth.”

To further enhance its monetization capabilities, Azerion will integrate VlyBy’s advertising technology including a product suite that allows publishers to offer video advertising inventory to multiple demand partners simultaneously, optimize pricing with machine learning and combine high performance video player solutions with self-service management and real-time performing interface.

In addition, the asset deals (including TakeRate) will supplement the Azerion platform with fully managed solutions for publishers, simplifying the process of advertising sales and maximizing ad revenue. The acquired assets are already highly effective in solving publisher challenges, offering features such as fixed revenue guarantees based on page view performance. With these integrations Azerion will reinforce its full monetization offering in Europe and significantly improve its level of support for local customers.

The aggregated paid consideration includes up to approximately 50% cash payment (combination of upfront and deferred payments). The remaining balance is settled through an Azerion ordinary shares consideration, resulting in 785,540 treasury shares being transferred to the selling shareholders. The acquisitions were completed at the end of Q3 2022.

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