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B2B demand generation company DemandScience Launches ReplyForce

Easy-to-use email tool for B2B sales and marketing professionals includes 100 free user-defined contacts every month with customizable templates to help users prospect efficiently, book more meetings, and accelerate growth

DemandScience, a leading B2B demand generation company that makes marketing and sales easier by enabling organizations to find the right prospects faster and target in-market buyers, today announced the launch of ReplyForceTM, the company’s free, easy-to-use email tool designed to accelerate growth for small and mid-sized businesses.

In addition to enabling B2B sales reps and marketers to uplevel their email outreach campaigns to existing customers and prospects, every month ReplyForce provides each user with 100 free contacts matched to their ideal target audiences. The ReplyForce email sequencing tool also has customizable templates for sales outreach, prospecting, VC fundraising, customer engagement and more, each built to improve response rates.

“Users at small and mid-sized organizations are often budget-constrained and face challenges managing their email campaigns. We’re providing ReplyForce as a free email outreach tool as part of our commitment to making B2B sales and marketing jobs easier,” explained Peter Cannone, Chair and CEO of DemandScience. “By helping them find their next customers, attract VC funding, or book sales meetings today, they will remember DemandScience forever. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

ReplyForce Features and Highlights:

  • Always Free. No-cost, risk-free product that allows B2B sales reps and marketers at small businesses to succeed.
  • Start sending emails in minutes. Sign-up only takes a few minutes, really.
  • 100 free B2B contacts every month. In addition to using their own contacts, ReplyForce users also receive 100 free, user-qualified leads monthly matching their ideal customer profiles.
  • Users build their ideal customer profiles in ReplyForce using filters to refine their target audiences, and DemandScience delivers the contacts from its Live Data Factory of more than 70 million verified B2B targets.
  • Users can also upload their pre-existing contact lists and run email campaigns through ReplyForce.
  • Customize email messages using dozens of built-in, editable templates for sales outreach, prospecting, VC fundraising, customer engagement, etc.
  • Automated, timed email sequencing to optimize campaign performance with metrics on emails sent, opened, links clicked and replies.

ReplyForce has many other built-in features such as email warm up to help establish a reputation for new email accounts, the ability to upload exclusion lists to ensure free leads from ReplyForce don’t overlap with existing lists, extensive FAQs, links to articles on building successful email programs, and more. ReplyForce is currently being launched in the United States, users from other countries can join our waitlist here.

Readers interested in learning more about ReplyForce can visit the product page here, or (no sign-up needed) click here to explore ReplyForce now.

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