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B2B Marketing 2020 Martech Awards announces Clevertouch Marketing as the winner

The B2B 2020 Martech Awards started announcing its winners in different categories on its social media channels, one category a day from 30th March. They have recognized the organizations and agencies that are disrupting the B2B marketing practices through technology. Clevertouch Marketing has been announced as the Martech enabled execution agency of the year martech news.

Europe’s most respected service provider and consultant of marketing technology, Clevertouch Marketing was awarded the Martech Consultancy of the year in 2019. Clevertouch Marketing is the first of its kind in the European market that leverages technology for marketing. The company broadened its horizons from marketing automation to a business that led by technology that functions across five categories of martech, namely- Sales Enablement and Alignment, Marketing Performance and Management, Strategic Content Management and campaigns, Martech data and analytics and last but not least Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud Enablement.

In order to back this advancement, the company has joined hands with some of the major global players of the industry like Percolate, Integrate and Seismic. Marketo has also recognized Clevertouch Marketing as its only Platinum Partner in EMEA this year.

The company’s expertise in Marketing cloud and marketing automation lies in the roots of all their martech engagements. This is the firm’s USP and they operate with the belief that the delivery of martech projects should either connect, simplify or inform the customers, states Adam Sharp, CEO, and Co-founder of Clevertouch Marketing.

Winners in a few other categories are yet to be announced. Follow martech cube to know more about the latest buzz in the martech industry. Martech cube will keep you updated about things going on in the world of martech.

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