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B2B marketing Agency Bop Design Launches new Checklist

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B2B web design and marketing agency, Bop Design, announces the recent release of a B2B website checklist to assist companies with maximizing conversion rate optimization (CRO). The CRO checklist was crafted by B2B website design expert and co-founder of Bop Design, Kara Jensen, earlier this year.

According to the CRO checklist for B2B websites that Jensen wrote, there are eight essential elements that can boost conversion rate optimization on a website. These include, but are not limited to, clear calls-to-action (CTAs), CTAs for various steps buyers take when considering new products or services, well-thought-out navigation, and a content resources section. The entire checklist can be viewed on the B2B web design agency’s blog.

“We have seen a huge spike in interest regarding CRO on B2B websites over the past year, even prior to the pandemic,” said Kara Jensen, creative principal and co-founder of Bop Design. “It makes sense too. Getting prospects to your website is only half of the battle, the other half is helping them to get to the stage of making contact. Essentially, CRO is really focused on making the path to contact as straightforward as possible for any visitor to the website.”

In addition to laying out the essential elements for maximizing conversions on the website, the checklist shares that CRO is an ongoing strategy, not a one-time activity. B2B marketing professionals can read the full checklist to learn more about CRO techniques to apply to existing B2B website designs.

“We are long-time believers in inbound marketing and CRO is a component of inbound,” said Jeremy Durant, business principal and co-founder of the B2B website design and marketing agency. “You spend all this time focusing on attracting your prospects to your website but what happens once they are on your website? What’s next? CRO is a crucial component to not only getting more leads but to setting the stage for prospects so they understand you are here to help them get what they need to be successful.”

About Bop Design: Bop Design is a global B2B marketing and web design agency, founded and headquartered in San Diego, CA. Bop Design is a boutique agency working exclusively on B2B web design, marketing, and content marketing projects.

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