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Banuba Revolutionizes Video Editing with AI Clipping SDK for Mobile


Banuba, a leading provider of augmented reality solutions, has announced a major update to its Video Editor SDK, introducing the groundbreaking AI clipping (autocut) feature. It leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly create engaging videos from user-selected clips, setting a new standard in editing technology.

AI clipping feature offers a myriad of benefits for app developers and users alike. By automating the video creation process, it enables a higher volume of user-generated content, leading to increased user engagement and longer session times within apps. This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly transform their raw footage into polished videos that captivate audiences.

AI SDK for clipping on mobile simplifies the content creation process through a series of intuitive steps:

  1. User selects clips and music. People can choose their desired clips and accompanying music within the app.
  2. AI trims the videos. The AI algorithm intelligently trims the selected clips to match the tempo and rhythm of the chosen track.
  3. AI adds various effects. Autocut enhances the content by adding a variety of effects to create visually stunning content.
  4. User exports, edits, or regenerates the clip. Upon completion, users have the flexibility to export the video as is, make further edits, or regenerate the clip for a fresh perspective.

“We are thrilled to introduce the AI clipping feature,” said Alexei Korolenok, Product Manager at Banuba. “By harnessing the power of AI, we are empowering users to produce professional-quality videos with ease. This update makes content creation accessible for anyone with a vision, regardless of their editing skills.”

Banuba’s Video Editor SDK is compatible with native Android and iOS, as well as React Native and Flutter.

With US President signing the bill to ban TikTok, companies looking to fill the market gap can benefit from Banuba’s Video Editor SDK. This solution can be integrated into an app within hours and offers all the necessary functionality for creating exciting short-form content.

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