Basis Technologies enables marketers use CRM data to find customers

Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies (, a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today announced a capability to use marketers’ first party CRM data to engage existing customers across any digital device, leveraging RampID™, LiveRamp’s person-based identifier, to target audience campaigns. The feature, which helps advertisers overcome signal loss challenges, is automated in the Basis platform through an integration with LiveRamp. CRM data of any size can be processed for cross channel campaign activation in minutes, on RampID, while maintaining customer privacy.

Reaching target audiences is becoming more difficult for digital advertisers. Although third-party cookies and other forms of digital identifiers have been the predominant way of targeting ads on digital channels, marketers and publishers are being pressured to curtail these methods due to users’ concerns around privacy. Additional market forces such as the blocking of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, as well as new government regulations, are increasing the urgency for brands and agencies to use tactics that utilize customer data gathered with consent.

As a part of this integration, marketers will also be able to target audiences across publishers leveraging LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. Activating on ATS unlocks premium, high-value inventory across channels including desktop video, mobile web, mobile in-app, connected TV (CTV), and native.

“Today’s consumers value the privacy of their personal data more than ever, and the market has turned to meet the moment. While this creates challenges for marketers who have come to rely on third-party cookies as a tool of the trade, our agency is committed to helping brands adapt by developing effective strategies that are privacy-compliant,” said Bailey Bosson, vice president of digital marketing, Spinutech ( “First-party data is critical to the present and future of digital marketing, and the automation of CRM data activation is just one example of how partnering with Basis Technologies empowers our agency in an environment where imagination and ingenuity are needed for growing businesses.”

“Signal loss is a growing challenge for agencies. To compensate, we focus on using first party data to effectively target our clients’ various markets,” said David Morton, president of marketing services at J.W. Morton & Associates ( “Basis Technologies gives us power to seamlessly streamline the process of using a client’s customer or prospect database for campaign targeting. That automation saves us considerable execution time and resources, allowing more focus on client strategy.”

Brands and agencies seeking to leverage their first-party data to reach customers can use Basis to find users on any digital channel who are more likely to engage with their ads and take action. Marketers benefit from CRM data activation in Basis through:

  • Speed: Allows media buyers to build, QA, and launch their campaigns faster.
  • Privacy: Audience segments created do not rely on third-party cookies.
  • Flexibility: There are no minimum ad spend requirements and no additional contracts are needed.
  • Simplified pricing: There are no fees for uploading CRM data. CPM data fees are added when campaigns are activated using the data.
  • Control: Converting CRM data into advertising segments, activating them for campaigns, and measuring performance is conducted in one platform. Adjustments are made seamlessly if new data or budget is added.
  • Efficiency: Increase campaign effectiveness by activating on a people-based identifier, RampID, and reaching authenticated users within premium publisher environments.
  • Access: RampID can be used to transact across almost every top publisher, including more than 80% of the Comscore 50, and provides scale in untapped environments that are cookieless today, such as Safari, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Performance: People-based marketing allows marketers to build an omnichannel view of consumers, enabling better visibility into touchpoints, and better measurement

“Overcoming the challenges of signal loss requires a robust holistic approach to digital media campaigns. Basis Technologies meets these needs because we facilitate the most direct relationship and transparency between advertisers and publishers,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies. “As the digital ad ecosystem evolves to value first-party data and privacy-minded advertising, marketers using Basis are poised to eclipse competitors stuck in provincial methods and practices.”

Basis capabilities include ad buying via programmatic, vendor-direct, search and social. The platform’s nucleus is a top-rated omnichannel DSP complete with programmatic guaranteed and private marketplace deals.

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