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Bassett Furniture partners with Acuative

Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc

Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. has signed a contract with Acuative to support its growing need for efficient, state-of-the-art networking communications and security technology. Bassett is a 121-year old manufacturer of home furnishings with 60 corporately-owned retail stores across the U.S.

This relationship supports Bassett’s focus on providing a best-in-class customer experience at its retail locations. Acuative will update all Bassett stores with an array of networking equipment and communications tools. To support this new technology, Acuative will provide real-time technical support and simultaneously upgrade the backup wireless network connectivity at each location.

“With Acuative, we have a partner that can enhance the customer experience with core technologies needed to run the retail locations,” Brian Claspell CIO/VP of IT at Bassett explained. “This allows our Bassett IT team to focus on other initiatives and emerging technologies that will provide value for our customers.”

Acuative provides networking and communications as a service via a subscription model to a number of major retail and manufacturing customers and sees the Bassett relationship as a collaborative fit. This partnership will ensure every store provides fast, wall-to-wall wireless network coverage for both employees and customers.

“People don’t typically think much about the core networking and communications technologies behind a retail business, but they drive the customer’s experience from the ground up. Since we deliver technology as a subscription service, we afford brands like Bassett the flexibility to innovate in a way they wouldn’t have with a traditional internal approach,” said Acuative’s SVP of Enterprise Sales, Rob Peterson. “By establishing a collaborative relationship, Acuative enables Bassett’s IT resources to align with the Company’s direction, goals and growth. It also frees up resources to pursue ideas for improving the customer experience while Acuative manages networking at an enterprise level. Refocusing IT resources is crucial in today’s environment. We look forward to working together with Bassett to provide an exceptional retail experience in home furnishings.”

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