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BDEX And Ranker Insights Partner

Ranker Insights segments include detailed understanding of audiences within the major premium services including Netflix, Apple +, Hulu, Prime, Disney +, Max and more

BDEX and Ranker have begun in-market testing for a partnership that for the first time will allow Ranker Insights data to be distributed to major DSPs including The Trade Desk, MediaMath and Simpli.fi. among others. This newly minted pairing will give marketers and their agencies access to often hard-to-reach fans of original series only available on specific subscription streaming platforms including Netflix, Max, Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+, Prime and more.

Ranker Insights provides data from over 30 million TV, film and pop culture enthusiasts who visit Ranker monthly, including granular data about consumers of shows from all major OTT services and networks, a library of over 10,000 titles. Ranker Insights is the only comprehensive source of title-to-title audience affinities for targeting audiences behind the walled gardens of the major streaming platforms.

Unlike other data providers, Ranker segments are based on the proactive engagement of true TV fans expressing their preference across their votes and other actions on Ranker and the affiliated Watchworthy TV recommendation app. Ranker Insights data allows for the targeting of fans who took the time to vote on Ranker content about the shows they have watched. This formula has proven to yield better conversion tune-ins and overall engagement than more generic data sources, including viewership and contextual sources.

Over the next several months, Ranker and BDEX will make available a variety of segments ranging in specificity. Broad based genre and thematic segments will balance reach and performance by leveraging correlations data that assists in grouping fans of similar shows based on shared positive sentiment among viewers. Ranker’s unique ability to build hyper-targeted audiences using the show-level viewing preferences of consumers, including the ability to provide data on hard-to-reach original series content from all streaming platforms, will be on full display. This can carry across multiple content areas from Returning Series such as “The Crown” or “The Morning Show,” to well known Franchises ranging from “The Witcher” to “Game of Thrones” to “The Rings of Power.” Ranker data can also be used to target fans of specific Genres, such as Reality TV: Cooking or fans of Dark Comedy.

David Yon, SVP and GM of Ranker Insights, added, “Ranker Insights provides an exclusive set of data based on the proactive sentiments of our visitors. Our scope can vary from broad to very narrow depending on the campaign. Additionally, our data is the perfect complement when there is a need to target fans of specific shows only available on streaming platforms.”

Ranker Insights allows brands to extend the reach of their campaigns and target unexpected audiences with strong affinities. Ranker Insights data can be used as a standalone service or as a complement to other data sources. BDEX and Ranker Insights will give marketers and advertisers the ability to access these audience offerings on a marketplace for the first time.

David Finkelstein Co-Founder and CEO of BDEX, stated, “By incorporating new segments of Ranker Insights’ data into our taxonomy of data segments, we hope to help programmatic advertisers better target their audiences of interest and improve their return on ad spend. As we continue to roll out new segments of audiences for a variety of genres and themes, customers will be able to get as specific or broad as needed in their campaign targeting. Ranker is also one of the first of our partners to leverage new enhancements to our identity graph that is proving to result in even greater performing audiences.”

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