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BDEX Releases Identity Matching Tool

Expansion of BDEX’s Omni IQ solution enables small and mid-sized advertisers to remove bad data and better understand their audience through simple identity matching

BDEX, the first and largest consumer data exchange platform (DXP) in the U.S., today announced an expansion of its simple identity resolution solution Omni IQ, allowing small and mid-sized marketers to conduct identity matching with customizable plans starting at $250.00/mo.

Following the rollout of BDEX’s Omni IQ solution that helps companies improve targeting and reach new customers with their first-party data, BDEX recognized a need from small and mid-sized advertisers to conduct identity matching at a more affordable rate. With this in mind, BDEX has rolled out new pricing options for Omni IQ, allowing marketers to remove bad and malicious data from their consumer audience data, enrich their first party data and produce valuable insights regardless of their size and budget.

“Most identity-matching solutions currently on the market only cater to large companies with massive budgets,” said David Finkelstein, CEO of BDEX. “That’s why we’re releasing this boutique option for smaller marketing companies to realize the same benefits of conducting identity resolution at scale, tailored to their specific needs. By bringing identity resolution to the masses, we’re aiming to help advertisers at companies of all sizes improve their return on ad spend.”

Omni IQ uses profile information from customer and marketing lists to search across all platforms for users who share similar traits. With an accuracy rate of up to 90 percent in identifying the right audience for brands, Omni IQ allows marketers to uncover household income, gender and birth year of their first-party customer data. BDEX customers will be able to unlock additional data points and access support to improve targeting.

Advertisers are now able to upload seed files of more than 500 contacts to the platform to quickly uncover new insights. After analyzing the data against the BDEX platform and across more than 5,000 segments aggregated from more than 100 sources, the analytics solution uses machine learning to weigh each point. As a result, BDEX is able to provide a highly accurate model of clients’ target consumers. Knowing this information enables marketers to easily create and reach lookalike audiences.

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