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Beehive AI Announces Seed Round and Public Launch of AI Platform

Company emerges from stealth and announces the closing of its first institutional funding round to fulfill growing demand from rapidly increasing customer base
Beehive AI

Beehive AI, the world’s first specialized AI platform dedicated to analyzing unstructured customer data, emerged from stealth today and announced an oversubscribed $5.1M seed round. Since 2016, the AI platform has been in stealth development with models trained on proprietary unstructured data provided by many of the largest enterprise firms in the world. With this data, Beehive AI has developed a platform that allows enterprises to analyze, segment, and take action on insights unlocked by their unstructured data.

The oversubscribed round was led by Valley Capital Partners, a leading boutique firm specializing in leading Seed and Series A investments into technology companies building enterprise-focused solutions. The round was filled out by notable later stage strategic partners representing some of the largest brands and firms in the world using the platform. In addition, the company announced the appointment of Mitchell Kokko, General Partner at Valley Capital Partners, to its Board of Directors.

Today, companies infer consumer desires from indirect, low-fidelity signals such as click tracking and behavior analysis or open-ended responses that are analyzed by generic large language models that lack the specificity of the business context. Rather than proactively addressing consumer needs, companies mostly react to consumers’ past actions. Beehive AI has created a breakthrough technology that offers an end-to-end, customizable AI platform for consumer research that delivers unprecedented accuracy, relevance, and scale. By analyzing qualitative, open-ended data using contextual language models trained on enterprise-specific data, Beehive AI enables enterprises to adopt a forward-looking approach and understand what drives individual consumers’ behavior.

“The future of consumer research will combine both worlds: the scale and speed of a mass market survey with the specificity and richness of a conversation with an individual consumer. Beehive AI combines these two perfectly,” said Prof. Jonathan Levav, Professor of Marketing at Stanford GSB and an advisor to the company.

Beehive AI’s platform seamlessly operates across languages, countries, and cultures. To date, it has trained over 10,000 specialized AI models in more than 30 languages and processed data from over 20 countries. The platform allows customers to upload their own existing data collected on any platform (e.g, Qualtrics, Medallia, Survey Monkey, and others) or launch AI-designed questionnaires that ask open-ended questions designed to elicit rich and nuanced feedback from customers. It then performs tailored analysis of the data and allows clients to use intuitive programmable dashboards to explore insights.

“Recently, large language models like GPT-4 have made tremendous progress. Beehive AI takes this progress to the next level by tuning generalized AI to specialized domain models trained for unique sets of data and outcomes,” said Shai Deljo, CEO of Beehive AI. “The quality and specificity of these custom models are unparalleled, allowing enterprises to extract rich, relevant insights from even the most complex unstructured data.”

“Generative AI is a subject of intense conversation across Silicon Valley, and at Valley Capital Partners we have invested in and evaluated a large number of incredible founders building in the space. As we spent more and more time with the Beehive AI team, it has become abundantly clear how advanced the Beehive AI platform is compared to anything else in the market,” said Mitchell Kokko, General Partner at Valley Capital Partners. “From the size and scale of their development partners to the inbound interest from new customers everywhere via word-of-mouth referrals, Beehive AI is likely the single best-specialized AI company on the market today. We are very fortunate to have been selected to be their partner as they emerge from stealth and are excited to bring many of our late stage partners to help accelerate their growth.”

Used by some of the most iconic brands in the world, the company announced the closing of a new financing round to support rapid growth.

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