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Bento Insights: The First Out the Box Analytics Platform

The solution was created by, a leading consulting firm in the fields of data management, business intelligence, and cloud software.
business intelligence tools announced today the release of Bento Insights. This new analytics platform is tailored to fit the internal data needs of growing SaaS companies that require to store, transform, manage, and share data efficiently.’s team of product managers, and data engineers worked with some of the worlds fastest-growing SaaS startups over the past decade. It is this know-how which gave birth to Bento Insights. The solution is designed for B2B tech companies, which often use similar tools such as Google & Facebook ads for marketing, Salesforce for Sales, Zendesk for Support, etc. In addition, they share most reporting KPIs, data challenges and infrastructure requirements.

Bento Insights helps collating, measuring and reporting on every KPI that matters:

  • Marketing & Sales: monitor ROI on every marketing dollar spent. Control the sales cycle and customer LTV with funnel analysis by geography, team, and employee.
  • Customer Success & Support: improve engagement, satisfaction and upsells with data that equips your teams with customer, product, and business insights.
  • Product: Analyze onboarding, adoption and retention rates for your platform to help your product team prioritize changes, new features, or updates.
  • Finance: Measure growth KPIs including ARR, MRR, CAC, and churn.
  • R&D / DevOps: manage task hierarchy and development roadmap. Sync the team with a clear view of feature versions, sprints, tasks, deployments, open bugs, etc.

Sigal Lavid, VP Growth & Strategy said : “I am very excited to present Bento Insights. We carefully put all the analytics platform pieces together – from cloud warehousing to data orchestration to visualization. The result is an amazing, risk-free solution for B2B tech companies that can be deployed in weeks, creating a perfect data-driven ecosystem for teams to scale.”

Bento works with premium technology partners including Tableau (visualization), Snowflake (cloud services) and Rivery (data pipeline). This enables Bento to provide a best-in-class technology stack for SaaS companies. The platform uses predefined data pipelines that load data from all third-party data sources via external API’s using Rivery as the IPAAS. In addition, full DWH tables are populated using Snowflake as the DWH database. Finally, Bento connects the data to predefined dashboards, offering an entire visualization environment using Tableau.

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About is part of Keyrus SA (EPA: KEY) and provides advanced data services, helping companies leverage their data to make informed, data-driven decisions to create better products with greater value for their customers. Based in Tel Aviv, the company has over 60 software engineers that help more than 300 companies worldwide create, improve, and orchestrate their data processes with world-class technology partners to create the perfect business insights.

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