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Best Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

Content marketing is an effective way of marketing, but because of the shift in customer behavior, it is important to amp your content marketing strategy as well

Now that the Internet has grown into a most powerful marketing tool, your website can and should provide much more than the bare minimum to visitors.

With a strong and effective content marketing strategy, your brand can passively reach more audience and your potential customers, answer their questions and convert them into leads.

Because of this pandemic that caught us napping, it is interesting to speculate how these events will have an impact on content marketing in 2021. Anyway, we have learned a lot in 2020, things such as how to work remotely without having cabin fever, be flexible, and expect the unexpected.

As most of you may have witnessed the demand for content marketing services is on the rise. And with all that noise out there in the market, how can you know what’s true and what’s not?

So, Martech Cube is here with a guide, we are going to give you top content marketing strategy tips for 2021.

Repurposing content
So, you have created an article and published it on your blog. That’s it, right? Wrong! You can reuse it! Recycle the article with some updates and republish it. You can also convert the article text into a video script, record a video, and upload it as video content to your youtube channel, your social media accounts, and also your website. You can also utilize the text to create a series of posts for your social media account. Run additional research and gather more data to transform your blog post into a downloadable white paper. Lastly, bundle your blog posts into a weekly digest. Rember, when it comes to content marketing, your creativity is the only limit.

Choose your content channels
Firstly you need to decide which type of content you will use for marketing, after choosing the type it’s time to choose your specific content channels Places where you will share your content? Where will it go live and be shared from?

For some types of content, the channel you need to work with will be obvious. For example, if you are creating a promotional video or a meme, or any such content for Facebook, your channel will be the social media platform.

Use video content
Video content are the most popular way people want to learn something new about your products, services, and other things. If you add videos to your website, it’s 50X more likely to boost organic search traffic as compared to text. Users find video content more interesting, engaging, and educative and so Google likes giving the page a higher rank that contains good, informative videos.

Webinars and Live Video
The viewership of webinars and live videos grew because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it likely isn’t going away this year as well. According to a survey of 1,000 adults, 80% would rather watch a live video of a brand than read a blog. And another study also found that consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered in the form of a video. Many brands use live video to add authenticity to content, which is a large part of the consumer appeal. Doing live video has helped brands in avoiding the overproduction that often happens when it comes to traditional marketing video campaigns. It also allows brands to offer an interactive audience experience.

To succeed with live video, focus on providing a truly engaging experience without promoting your products or services.

Narrow your focus
As you choose the topics you want to write about, you might find yourself coming up with broad and general topics. But unless you are prepared to spend the time to create comprehensive long-form content, you should narrow each topic down to the point that you can cover it completely.

In addition to making content creation more compliant, this will also help you in building more effective topics. It is better to have 10 pages that comprehensively answer a particular question than one page that answers 10 questions with minimal explanation, particularly if each question deals with a different topic.

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    Chandrima Samanta
    Content-Editor at MartechCube
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