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Small companies need to get online and increase their digital presence more than ever in 2021, and they need performance and speed without the price tag
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BestKnownHost a UK-based web-hosting company is celebrating Small-Businesses by promoting small companies through case studies, and hosting a sale with the best pricing of the season.

“This month, we wanted to continue to highlight some of our customers and their accomplishments over the last year,” said Dean Jones, CEO.

“We are delighted in seeing our customers thrive, and we’re pleased to share how unique they are with the rest of the world.” Itchy Silk a magazine cultivating provocative thought through word, sound, and images, Societal. Store providing activist clothing highlighting social injustice through inspired art and community involvement, and Catch22Jams a live music night of contemporary jazz-based in High Wycombe were among the small firms and customers profiled by BestKnownHost.

“It is incredible to watch individuals come online and make use of their digital presence this year,” Dean concluded.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of running a hosting company is being able to assist customers in gaining greater internet visibility through SEO and developing new lead-generating channels as their businesses grow and expand.”

BestKnownHost is continuing to deliver web-hosting and marketing tips and tricks to entrepreneurs following Small-Business-Month.

Over the weekend, BestKnownHost launched their largest sale of the year, with discounts on all hosting plans. They’re setting an aggressive pace heading into Summer with pricing as low as £1.99 on their most popular shared-hosting plans and discount pricing up to 60-percent off.

“Small businesses are critical, and we are doing everything we can to provide them with the rates and plans they require to thrive,” said Dean Jones, CEO.

“We do everything we can to help our clients succeed online, so having a sale to honour SMBs is a perfect opportunity for us to give back to our digital community.”

BestKnownHost is dedicated to supporting small businesses all over the world.

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