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BetterCommerce adds Headless CMS functionality to commerce stack

BetterCommerce has added Headless and Composable CMS functionality to its core platform to strengthen its commerce stack.

BetterCommerce, the next big name in the headless and composable commerce space, has added Headless CMS functionality to its commerce stack in an addition to its already existing modules- PIM, eCommerce, OMS, Analytics and Engage.

Motivated by the success of existing modules, the CMS has been rolled out after rigorous testing and is already in the process of onboarding new clients. The new headless CMS will be an addition to the already existing drag-and-drop page builder which is a part of the eCommerce module.

The launch of CMS was much awaited to enhance the overall experience for the brands that onboard BetterCommerce. With BetterCommerce already having PIM and ecommerce modules, CMS has strengthened the stack by making it an end-to-end solution suite and has made the platform even more flexible and agile. Integrating CMS to eCommerce sites generally poses a challenge but now, with BetterCommerce having its own CMS has made the commerce stack more powerful complementing the ecommerce platform.

The architecture offers numerous features namely Release and Version Management, Workflow Management, Unlimited fields and grouping of fields via components, Reusable components to create multiple pages, Preview feature on different devices and easily usable Create/Edit and publish pages being the top ones. The CMS being totally headless in nature, has enabled content to be created and exposed via APIs to be consumed across any device.

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