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BI Firm Maven Road Finds Youth Interested in Investing

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New research by business intelligence firm Maven Road finds that users authored most Youth & Investment social media conversations 18-35 years old (65.3%); additionally, users between 0-18 years old published only 11.2% of the overall conversation.

“As investing becomes more accessible, obtaining financial freedom is a major interest among youth today. Our objective is to understand users discussing Youth & Investment and the main topics of conversation to identify strategies that could help marketers reach and capture this audience’s interest,” said Paul Herrera, COO & Co-founder at Maven Road.

Social Listening conducted by Maven Road indicated that users under 35 years old express the most interest in Youth & Investment, which presents an opportunity to develop initiatives that address the financial needs of younger audiences. Brands need to make a concerted marketing effort to connect with Millennials and Gen Z to create relationships with these users and their interests, such as investment.

Wealth Management was the most mentioned topic among users discussing Youth & Investing throughout the study period, with 65.7% of all conversations. Applications and Platforms were one of the most mentioned topics of discussion with a 6.3% share. The most prominent conversation driver was led by users discussing Step, a banking for teens platform that garnered over $50M in funding and attracted over 500K users in the three months following their launch.

In addition, the Social Media Analysis conducted on Youth & Investment conversations provided further insight about whether parents are willing to pay for a subscription so their kids can learn about investing; teaching younger generations investing is an undeniable commercial opportunity. Financial Education & Literacy (Investing, Personal Management/Finance) is the second most mentioned topic among users discussing Youth & Investing with 15.8% share. Adults represent 88.8% of the users discussing Youth & Investing; many parents have expressed a growing interest in having their kids learn about financial literacy.

However, there is still an opportunity for brands and companies who wants to reach and capture audiences talking about Youth & Investment; when considering that only 6.8% of posts mentioned brands and organizations in the youth and investment space, it’s evident that most of the conversation is driven by users rather than companies.

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