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Bidscale Connect: Linking Government & Industry Through AI Platform

Bidscale Connect

Bidscale Connect is now live in Beta with an AI-powered market intelligence platform to power Federal contracting. Bidscale Connect is tailor-made to accelerate the contracting process for Government buyers and Industry vendors. The tool also provides community engagement to seamlessly collaborate on Federal contracting initiatives.

Technology is advancing at speeds faster than ever, while U.S. Government (USG) purchasing remains bottlenecked. Rules designed to promote fair and open competition make it difficult for the USG to buy quickly, rendering many procurement actions irrelevant upon delivery. The complexities of these Federal regulations intimidate and discourage participation by smaller vendors, causing further challenges in the Government’s mission to drive an open and equal playing field. On average, it takes over 18 months of pursuit and business development before a Government contractor wins their first contract. That work includes identifying potential opportunities, marketing to clients, and complying with agency regulations. Bidscale Connect solves these challenges through automatic workflows and intelligent analytics purpose-built for Federal procurement.

“I had the chance to experience the communication gap between Government and Industry from both perspectives. As a business development professional, trying to understand and track shifting procurement timelines was an uphill battle. As a consultant supporting Contracting Officers, it was equally challenging to create market research and solicit feedback on draft documentation. Bidscale Connect bridges that gap and allows both sides to work together in creating the best solutions for our country,” said Bidscale CEO, Tony Kwag. “It’s a tool people are excited for; the number of people who joined our Beta waitlist showed there is a need for this type of product,” he added.

Bidscale Connect opens the doors to both market intelligence and community engagement for the $700 billion Federal contracting market. Users can browse thousands of Federal contracting opportunities through the platform’s easy-to-use search feature. While searching, AI-powered recommendations steadily hone in on a user’s preferences and send additional opportunities of interest to them. This helps business development professionals spend less time searching and more time developing deals. Industry users can also communicate directly with Government and with each other through the platform to collaborate in real-time and form critical partnerships to win more contracting opportunities.

Bidscale Connect also caters to Government users, explains Bidscale Director of Business Development Raymond Britt. “Bidscale Connect helps Government users to work through the tedious procurement process faster than ever before. For example, market research that usually takes months or years can be completed in just hours, with the click of one button.” By strengthening this communication mode, Bidscale Connect provides Government users unprecedented access to Industry feedback, real-time channels for market research, and analysis of initiatives from peer agencies.

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