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Big Village plans to leverage visualization tech from Forsta

New capabilities from the partnership include native PowerPoint exportable dashboards and statistical significance testing in dashboards
Big Village

Big Village, a global advertising, technology, and data company, is today announcing its plans to leverage visualization technology from Forsta, an industry-leading global provider of market research, customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) technology, for Big Village’s CARAVAN® survey data. For companies using Big Village’s CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys, the Forsta Visualizations solution will increase efficiencies and allow them to quickly create detailed presentations of data results that can be shared with executive teams and stakeholders.

Leveraging Forsta Visualizations enables CARAVAN clients to dive even deeper into their data, using a best-in-class platform that can be customized to meet their unique needs. Forsta Visualizations gives users the power to easily and intuitively interrogate their data to uncover insights that were previously difficult to find because of time and cost. Now, users can quickly and efficiently export data into PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets without compromising the quality, representation, or reliability of the data.

“It is critical that our clients not only have access to their data but have the tools necessary to dive deeper into their insights and get a better understanding of the trends that are emerging,” said Wayne Russum, SVP, CARAVAN Surveys at Big Village. “The partnership with Forsta will allow clients to engage with the omnibus survey results in a completely new way that will ultimately help them increase efficiencies, cut down costs and most importantly, convey to executives and stakeholders the importance of insights in digestible segments.”

“Now more than ever, companies need to be able to quickly engage with the insights behind the data they collect, and turn those insights into action that drives growth and innovation,” said Tobi Andersson, Managing Director of Market Research at Forsta. “Forsta Visualizations gives our clients access to customizable, visually engaging and PowerPoint automation-equipped dashboards unlike anything else in the industry to enable their data to go further than it ever has before.”

Forsta Visualizations includes capabilities such as native PowerPoint exportable dashboards, statistical significance testing within the dashboard, comparison splits and access to easy and intuitive cross-tabulation. Big Village Insights is currently running Forsta Visualizations for its survey around consumer sentiment and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. For more information, and to check out the findings, the dashboard can be found here.

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